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  1. Getting the license is the easy part. But finding that job is the tough one.
  2. Doesn't it make sense to keep the machines and pilots out of the bush. Afterall the pilot gets a chance to get a solid meal and a good night sleep. Any snags that are found can be properly addressed by an engineer over the night. In addition the machine has a chance to get a proper bath! Not to mention the pilots get to go to the local pub after a hard days work, swap a few stories and have a few cold ones. I know that the later also helps keep moral up! :up:
  3. #### Much appreciated. If possible could I get some pictures of blades that have been made into training aids. Kinda excited to see how well bonded these blades actually are. PJ
  4. Hey Gang Was in school the other day and we were trying to figure out the best method of cutting an Astar tail rotor blade to make a cutaway...so we can see the internal fabrication. Any ideas?? I have seen old t/r blades at another school that seperated on the trailing edge (bad blades)...was wondering if seperating the blade along the trailing edge and trying to seperate the airfoil that way would be best. Anyways I'm just looking for suggestions to pass on to the instructor. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Burn Baby Burn....what can I say, fires pay the bills!
  6. Thanks for the replys guys. The reason I was asking was I saw Discovery had an add looking for apprentices. Although I am only a first year aircraft maintenance student I fired off a resume regardless. Just lookin to build experience and was wondering what the guys on the other end of the line were like. I vagely remember stoppin in to see them years ago when I finished my flight training but couldnt remember what type of a response I recieved. Thanks again! PJ
  7. Hey Guys Anyone have any info on Discovery Helicopters....good or bad. I have heard good things in the past about them. Thanks.
  8. So in the case of Campbell, what would happen to that pilot should the machine get in an accident? Does he sit on his *** hoping that the hours will be divided between all the pilots and machines. I do know that campbell keeps extremely busy..but still? What then? Secondly how can a guy afford to take a chance like that? Sure he will have a medium endorsement. But if that first year is slow...how does he get through to the next summer. Its not like there are tonns of medium jobs during the late fall and winter months to keep him alive.
  9. Now if only some of those hour requirements were a little lower! Regardless I am wondering if anyone knows an operator that may be looking for a low time pilot / 1st year maintenance student for the upcoming season. I have experience working in the helicopter industry as ground crew and absolutely love working in remote locations. If anyone knows of a possible summer job for me send me a pm! :up: :up:
  10. Medicals...yep I have paid as much as $135 and as little as $40 :up: .....mind you both are without an ECG. I also hate the processing fee from Transport Canada. :down:
  11. The other day me and another low time pilot were discussing how tragic the whole situation has become. I heard that the major issue is getting food and aid to people and that most roads are ruined. I mentioned to him that its too bad lowtimers couldn't go over there and donate their time. Afterall it would be a win win situation for all concerned. Anyway enough of the crazy idea's. My thoughts to all involved in the relief efforts.
  12. Wasn't yorks machine also a turbine. Does enstrom even make a piston 480??
  13. What do you guys pay for a medical. I usually pay around 125 to $150 for a medical. However I just got a medical for only $40! Kinda a nice change for once.
  14. DGP You mention working with Black Bart. What year was that? Perhaps our paths have crossed before.
  15. Hi Gang I trained at Gateway Heli in 99-2000 and was wondering the name of the Meteorology teacher. Was wondering if anyone knows his name, I believe it was Mike, but not sure. Any help would be appreciated. PJ
  16. Hmmm, starting to think that I should have possibly sent my address to Heli Ops after I made my post! Any chance on getting a calendar?
  17. Rosco I am currently back in school taking aircraft maintenance in hopes of becoming a pilot engineer. We have probably met as I am a low time pilot, and I take every opportunity I get to discuss helicopters with senior pilots. I have worked for a few operators in the general area as ground crew before.
  18. Was wondering if any rotory companies were planning on attending the aircraft maintenance conference being held in Thunder Bay. I plan on attending and thought it may be an opportunity to meet some you that post on this site.
  19. lamanated I'm down in thunder bay, not working with helicopters just yet...taking a break and working on a maintenance ticket. Big plans on hopefully becoming a pilot engineer. Would be more than willing to help you out.
  20. The one thing I absolutely love about the helicopter industry is the free stuff! Where else can you get free t-shirts, hats, calenders and the ocasional christmas gift. I can truly say the best part of the industry is the people. Nothing beats being stuck in the middle of nowhere, meeting up with fellow pilots and engineers, having a few cold ones and swapping stories. In addition I love getting to see new places, and love being outside with mother nature. Can't wait to finish the maintenance school and get back into the helicopter industry!! :up: :up:
  21. Got a buddy flying in that general area and have yet been able to get ahold of him. Anyone knowing anything please send me a PM.
  22. Just out of curiosity what is the going wet rate for a 206 in the west? What is the highest you have seen this year and what is the lowest?
  23. longliner Thanks for your post, it came at the perfect time. I am currently in school taking maintenance in order to continue with my chosen career path and assist me in my dreams to one day be a pilot / engineer. Although the past years have been a struggle, I often find mysef wishing that I was out banging on doors instead of having my nose in the books studying. This becomes especially difficult when a machine flies past and all you want to do is look out the window or hop in the truck and shoot the breeze with the pilot. But your post defenitely puts things into perspective. Than
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