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  1. Bruised I went through roughly the same thing in Sudbury only it was prior 9-11. Land in Sudbury, went in terminal, used the washroom, asked security guard to let me out on the ramp only to be told that "only pilots are allowed on the ramp" It must have taken me at least 3 minutes to convince the 60 year old security guard that I was a student pilot and that I brought the tiny little helicopter to the airport. I must admit it was kinda humourous watching him keep his eye on me until I got into the enstrom.
  2. Ok gang I am in school taking aircraft maintenance when our teacher starts talking about atmospheric pressure, guage pressure and atmospheric pressure. So the teacher says that if we take a car and check the pressure in the tires here in Thunder Bay which is 653' AMSL and drive it to Calgary which is 3557' AMSL that the tire pressure should read higher in Calgary than in Thunder Bay. Now in my way of thinking as we increase in altitude pressure decreases. Thus there would be less pressure on the outside surface of the tire and the pressure inside the tire would decrease as well. Anyw
  3. I particularily love the story of the helicopter that buzzed the polar bear. (more than likely taunting the bear) Anyway, The polar bear tracked the machine down and destroyed the front end of the Jetranger.
  4. Hey Gang, Anyone have an active link for the TC Regestration Database. I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance, PJ
  5. Sorry Rainman, I originally thought it was a Super D used in Ontario. My mistake.
  6. Rainman Is that a D model astar in your profile pic that was converted to a super D?? That machine looks quite familliar....just wondering if we know each other? PJ
  7. How about topics like companies banding together in order to self insure. And in addition I would love to see the low time pilot being brought up to the table. It is evident now that we have a top heavy situation in Canada where we have a shortage of experienced drivers. I would love to see some sort of representation where low time Canadian pilots would be considered for more work besides bringing in experienced pilots from other countries. I know that there is more to this situation then what I expressed however it would be nice to at least bring ideas forth on this situation.
  8. Yep thats the one! Awsome machine....its funny how it looks so small but is actually a huge machine overall.
  9. The U.S registered machine I saw was blue . The pilot informed me that the machine was leased for a logging operation. Yes it probably is the same machine.
  10. I was lucky enought to see the machine in CYHD. I will be sure to post my pictures once I get them developed. Awsome machine to look at!! :up:
  11. Thanks Guys My overall plans are to work on fling wing aircraft as I also hold a CPL-H. I have already recieved some wrenches that came from Canadian Tire and I also have their ratchets that look like the snap-ons. As for sockets I have been told to buy all 12 point and was considering buying these from sears. As for extensions I can always rob my personal tool collection. I was wondering if 6 point is used in maintenance. I know that many engines use 12 point but what about the rest of the aircraft?? So does Sears make decent enough sockets for while I am in school?
  12. Hey Gang I will be going to school in Thunder Bay for aircraft maintenance and was wondering where most of you guys buy your tools. I have bought tools in the past from Aclands and they seem to carry everything. Any suggestions?
  13. #### In my opinion flowers and pretty things don't belong in the hangar. So I guess you get the job buddy. :up:
  14. Starting to regret posting the topic. :down: I thought we were all better than this. I do want to know if this is true though. And as for MagSeals comment about cleaning floors for helicopter time....I am willing to sweep floors and clean toilets for helicopter time anyday! :up:
  15. Hey Gang I recently heard a rumour that Canadian Helicopters is offering free flight training to fixed wing pilots that hold a 1000 hours. I was told that their training is free if they sign a contract to work for them for 2 years. Is this true? Sounds a little odd.
  16. My condolences to his family and fellow co-workers at Highland.
  17. There should be a total of 4 Ontario CL 415s lending a hand in BC. Its not like Ontario is going to need them....its quite wet around here. Funny how Campbells machine left for home the other day! Hey if any of you boys need a hand with those fires and are looking for someone to load and unload the mediums or give them a bath and greasing at the end of the day, send me a pm....would love to be part of the action! Be safe and have fun!! :up:
  18. Pickle Lake is the middle of nowhere? **** I have considered it home for the last 4 years....gotta love the Winston!
  19. Thanks guys I guess I will just have to call and ask. I usually don't call if I don't know who I am talking to. I appreciate the help. Keep em turning guys! :up:
  20. Hi Gang, Anyone have any info on these guys. Looking for the names of both the owner and chief pilot. Any help would be appreciated. Please Pm me any detials. Thanks, PJ
  21. Toni I understand your situation. Kinda in it myself. I did some flying recently and the best advice I can give you is to not think to much about flying. Go over the flight manual briefly but don't become obsessed. And on the day of your flying tell yourself that you did this before and that you know that you can fly the machine. I studied like crazy once only to later that day fly like crap, but when I did it just for fun and to get the hang of things I did awsome. I took off with no assistance, was a little over agressive with the cyclic while flying but got the hang of things, an
  22. Hey speaking of downunder, does anyone know if 204B driver is back in Canada?
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