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  1. Randy Congrats on taking the summer off. Only wish I could do that, but I guess I kinda am working for the OMNR....ha, ha. I myself am planning on going back to school for maintenance. Never know though, with the wet summer I may be a little short of cash. No more loans for me, not right now, I kinda like being debt free. Never know though, maybe I will land a job somewhere! I would love to get turning and burning. I guess I won't see you then this summer then. I'm sure our paths will cross. PJ
  2. Randy I see you are back in Canada, I thought you were planning on staying down under. Let me know who you will be working for this year. I ended up not getting to meet you last year when you were in Kenora. I should be in CYHD or somewhere north this year. Hopefully our paths will cross this year!
  3. Usually there are 4 wires running inside, did you check the others? I have yet to see someone change the cable. However I have seen many longlines with another cable zip tied and duct taped to the side of the line, doesn't look that pretty but it does the job. I remember we used switchboard wire once when we were in a jam up north. We doubbled up the swithboard wire on each side just in case. Worked great for the following 3 days.
  4. What does the inside of a Kmax look like? Anyone have any pictures?
  5. One of the best Helicopter video's I have seen to date!
  6. So does anyone know what ever happened to the student? I hope that he didn't become totally disheartened with the industry. I would hope that the flight school returned his money. And a 30 day suspension seems a little lenient to me.
  7. Speaking of Delta, does anyone know if they are still operating 44s in the oil patch? I know they had the 44s for sale. Just curious.
  8. Do you mean the fuel loading table? With the moments and c of g for a certain amount of fuel? If so I may be able to help.
  9. Smalluck ...that name is familliar. I met a guy with that last name flying J.B. Airs Koala....last summer. He was a real friendly guy, let me crawl all over the Koala....wondering if this is the same guy?
  10. Maybe a turbine Robby would be a good thing. Afterall it could scan for hot spots for the OMNR and maybe just maybe......now this is a strech.....lowtime guys would be considered for the job. Ok time to get back to reality.
  11. Getting off topic but is Caribo Chilcotin still up and running? Just curious.
  12. Having grown up with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Wabigoon Heliport behind my house Helicopters were a natural progression. I remember watching 206's and 204's take off while I would play in my sand box. And I always wondered why the blades took so long to stop after landing. I believe it was 87 or 88 when Ontario had some big fires. I remember seeing all the helicopters and sneaking in to take a look at them one evening. I remember I was chased away many times but kept returning to peer into the cockpits. All those switches and instruments! Years later my father began flying with
  13. Within the past week I have seen 3 medium helicopters on the back of transports heading east. One was from Mustang, and another looked like it was a old Northern Mountain Machine. Anyone know where they are all going? I heard rumours that Mustang is looking for any mediums they can get their hands on, regardless of time. Any truth to this?
  14. Albert Yes I agree that there are a lot of jobs that lowtimers are capable of. Its funny how operations managers are throwing other jobs at maintenence staff when a lowtimer could get the same job done. All I would like to see is operators giving a lowtimer some responsibility when on the ground, once he proves himself let him have a shot at the controlls. I know that insurance is an issue however you could always have him ppc'd and ready to relocate aircraft or any other job that would only require hull insurance. I know this would be a very slow way of building time however it is be
  15. Where exactly are these "experienced crews" coming from? It seems like very few lowtimers are breaking in so where are these people coming from? Or are companies simply hiring pilots from outside of Canada?
  16. 407 Heard the same rumour in regards to a certain operator picking up a 407. Talked to him and it sounds like he has decided against a 407. Sounds like he plans on sticking to the current fleet. PJ
  17. Heck I paid more money for a 206 per hour for some recurrent training and I used to work for the company!! This is crazy, I still paid more for a 206 at flight school some 4 years ago! No wonder everyones wages are so low! And to think that I am considering getting into the maintenance end of things! Makes me wonder if it is time to check into the nut house in North Bay!! PJ
  18. Just to clear up any confusion I do hold a commercial license. I do enjoy flying but would consider a career twisting wrenches just to keep near helicopters. And I would hope that if I did choose this root it would allow me to still dabble in flying....flight tests, relocating to jobs etc. Having made the mistake of wrecking my personal credit with taking flight training money is a major issue. Part of the problem is that all of this will be coming directly out of my pocket with no borrowed money.....I don't want to go back into debt. So I am weighing the pros and cons pretty heavily. Af
  19. Blackmac You kinda blindsided me with the comment on entering into avionics. I will be honest and tell you that I still want to fly....never plan on giving up the license! However if flying won't pay the bills I need some way of staying in aviation, keeping my license current and still staying involved with what I enjoy. So how will avionics bring me closer to aviation? And more importantly will entering into avionics allow me to keep pilots license? To be honest I am extremely familiar with electricity and systems having a father that is a electonic technologist. And through him I
  20. With plans on entering into Aircraft Maintenance I was wondering which schools training would look better on a resume later on down the road. The 2 schools that I am considering are Confederation College in Thunder Bay or Canadore College in North Bay Ontario. I am fammilliar with Canadore College as I completed my flight training there and I know many engineers that are Canadore grads. The big issue is that Thunder Bay is closer to home and I also have family in there making it a easier transition financially. Keep in mind that I wish to specialize in helicopters.
  21. Thanks Graunch This is exactly what I am looking for. Its not that I don't want to persue this career, however I do need to make some sort of a game plan. I am also looking for wages in other locations across Canada. So keep em comming folks!
  22. Hi Guys Well after 4 plus years trying to land a job in the rotary world I have came to the conclusion that it is time to approach my goals differently. I am planning on going back to school for aircraft maintenance. So my question is what should a new apprentice out of school be getting as a starting wage. Keep in mind I plan on twisting wrenches while at school in order to build a little experience, but this will only take place when I have time. Any input is appreciated, and if you want you can pm me with the details. Just want to cover the bases and get a rough game plan in order
  23. recirqe I understand you point, however being on the low time pilot side of things I don't think that training in Ontario will help you get hired in Ontario. Be honest, how many low time pilots do you know that have been hired in Ontario in the last 3 years? And out of all of these how many are actually flying. Not just picking up an hour hear or there but that are actually flying operationally. I think that you will find the opportunities are few and far between at best, but that opportunities are better for low timers that train and look for employment in Alberta.
  24. Although I have little time working with helicopters on fires I have worked spotting them via fixed wing. Last year there was a small fire beside a railroad track. Come to think about it 204 B driver dropped crews off on the tracks at that fire. Anyway, due to me and my pilot wanting to be dead accurate on the location of the fire we decided to fly over it using the GPS to back up our location. Big Mistake! We were about 300 feet above the center of the fire and had one heck of a bumpy ride. Although the fire was small about .5 ha's it still was enough to make me and my pilot come to the
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