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  1. Hey Guys Maybe Matt is on the right track. After all if he is considering a future in the helicopter industry there is nothing better than real life experience dealing with day to day helicopter operations. I know that there are better operators out there who will treat their employees better, but at least he will get his feet wet and will have a good understanding of what will be expected of him in the future. And if nothing else Matt will know if he truly wants to peruse a flying career. :up:
  2. Hi Guys, Just returned from being out west. Heard a rumour of an accident in Saskatchewan and another involving a R22 loosing its blades. Does anyone have and info on these? Pm me if you do! Thanks, PJ
  3. Skidmark I also was one of Sullys students. Sounds like I trained a few years after you. Unfortunately things didn't work out with a few of my ventures. But gotta keep positive, someone is out there that will pick me up.
  4. Thanks Cyclic, Best advice I have heard all day! Much appreciated! :up: :up:
  5. Hey Guys Planning on moving out west and looking for work. Planning on banging on doors, shaking hands and trying to land a job working on the ground. Looking for something with the possibility to advance after I prove myself. So here's the question, any advice or suggestions? Would appreciate any input. Pm me with the details. :up: DI
  6. Yes appears to be that way. Here's to safe trips guys!! :up:
  7. Thanks Guys, The infor was much appreciated!
  8. Maybe I am missing something but I am refering to JB Air the helicopter operator out of Thompson Manitoba. Just wondering what they are like to deal with, and if anyone knows anything about their operations.
  9. Hey Guys I will keep my 2 cents to myself on the topic. But does anyone know what a 22 or 300 is going for per hour. Just wondering if the cost has went up over the past few years????
  10. Was wondering if anyone knows anything about JB Air. Good or Bad. If you want you could PM me the details. Thanks
  11. Happy Birthday Sharky Keep the blue side up! DI
  12. "Stricktly IFR" man you read your posts at the end of the day and you even seem to baffle yourself. I guess what I want to know is this aircaft considered a plane or helicopter when it comes to visual flight rules?
  13. Rotorhead Thanks for the link, pretty impressive!! I was actually looking for civillian made videos of these wonderful aircraft. Something that hasn't been produced to sell the aircraft. Just to see how it really takes off and lands in a normal conidtions. I have seen the tiltrotor on the discovery channel but was still interested in seeing takeoff characteristics in less than ideal situations. And here is a good question, what are their requirements for flying VFR.
  14. Awesome photos :up: :up: Was wondering if any of you have a movie function on your digital cam?? I would love to see one of those aircraft in action. I have seen them on television before but never in the takeoff stage!
  15. Hey Kyle Congrats on the new look, very impressive. Only one problem. Did we loose the photo posting gallery???
  16. Yes I would definitely check out army surplus stores if you are looking for a helmet that won't break the bank. Mine came with my flight program and it now looks like it has been through a war. Funny thing is I only have over a 100 hrs. But none the less I have come across helmets like mine for a steal at a local gun show where they were selling old equipment. They may be a little old, and a little repair may be necessary. As for the wiring if you have a solid knowledge of DC you should be able to repair your helmet. I have made repairs to a friends using my helmet as a reference, findin
  17. Does anyone know if Delta Helicopters is getting rid of their oil well servicing sector? I see on the Aeroads website that they have 2 44's for sale. I know Don was having a hard time landing contracts last year. Was wondering if anyone else has the inside scoop. Would be a shame if the company is ending this avenue. After all they hired a few low timers every year. :up:
  18. Gotta watch out for those biker guys that hang around the pubs on the waterfront in Kenora. And you can't forget: Winston in Pickle Lake Balmer Inn in Balmertown or the Snakepit in Red Lake......just don't go with a bunch of 415 pilots :up: :up: and I must agree that any Bar or Ballet club in Thunder Bay is just great!
  19. Sounds like you have the latest issue. Time to start bugging the mail man again!
  20. x1 Did you get my last PM. Waiting for your reply
  21. Sharky You are starting to make me miss North Bay with all your posts. Fion McCools wass bye far one of the best pubs in town. Spent many a nights there. I was wondering if you know my good buddy Mike Parks? Was wondering if you know what he is up to these days? And was also wondering if you know what ever happened to your boss's sister and her flying? Last I seen her was here in "medium magnet" passing through.
  22. Randy Yes you are correct in regards to an OMNR pilot having servo problems during the summer months. This I know for fact. Although I am not fully aware of what the end result was I do believe that a servo was taken from the ship and sent for further testing. In addition I heard that officials from eurocopter came down to investigate.
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