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  1. Does anyone know of a fairly new company that operates out of Hay River?...doing mostly oil support work. Thanks in advance...trying to hunt down a old buddy.
  2. Autorotate You bring up some good points, and with all due respect most heli companies should listen up....there are good guys out there who are willing and able to make great future pilots if we would only have the opportunity to prove ourselves. However telling me that I didn''t work for what I have in my logbook is a crock of #%&$. My fellow pilots who know me in this industry know what I am made of and that I will make it regardless..but telling me that I have volenteered is a insult! The major aspect that bugs me is the fact that if you get hurt at work...what then...nobody ha
  3. If someone has any details please PM me...I have a buddy who works there. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sharky You are on the ball there dude.....Pulling Pitch what does happen if you hurt yourself? And I sure hope like **** that you have this in writing that you will get the chance to fly one day...I have been that donkey a few times before...but nowhere near this bad. Something still isn''t right, What about that insurance??? You have to give your head a shake and start asking these questions now before it is too late. I hope you can afford a good lawyer....never know you may need it. But if you do make it good for ya...I will stick with my 140 hours of which 40 were given to me for
  5. Is this for real?? Although I am a lowtimer and have worked for little...actually probably closer to nothing..I have always came out with a little something extra...few hours here or there each year and a little bit of money in my pocket and a few beers on the company credit card. But this is insane. I could see working on the ground for one or two years and then earning your way to the cockpit but this method simply won''t work. Who the heck is going to pay the insurance rates for a lowtimer....what insurance company will actually let you take the company astar out with passengers with on
  6. I originally thought that Trek Helicopters was trying to get a contract in manning for EMS work. I heard that they acquired a building to operate from last fall....I remember asking in Manning but no-one knew anything about it.
  7. Could anyone please tell me if Bob Heighington and Francois Richard are still the ops managers for Canadian. I remember hearing about major management changes before...was wondering if these guys are still around? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. 204 Driver Delta''s 204 just arrived yesterday. Can''t wait for things to start to heat up!
  9. Heli-Ops You wouldn''t happen to be willing to post a few more of this flight would you....scary looking that is for shure.
  10. Here''s an update for you guys. April 17th with 5cm of snow...just goes to show how fast the weather can change....and what do I see but Hyrdro Ones Astar sitting on the pad without covers on....hopefully things will clear up. Just goes to show how fast things can change.
  11. 412 Don''t worry about the logbook...I am far to honest to be doing things like that...it was just a little dry humor....in hind site it was a little inappropriate, my apologies. I will get in the cockpit one day...somehow..don''t know how yet but I am sure I will make it. Saw custom yesterday with Ugine flying a 205 on his way to Thunder Bay. 204 let me know when you will be heading to my area....I usually stop and say Hi to most drivers that pass through.
  12. Mr. Man Thanks for looking out for me...unfortunately I bye no means meet that requirement...low time for me is 140 hours low...mind you I do have a solid 2 years working on the ground and have a 206 endorsement. Maybe I will send off a resume anyway...can''t hurt afterall all they can say is NO. I think its time to start adding an extra 1000 hours on the resume...when they ask I can tell them thats the amount of passenger hours I have. Thanks guys keep the leads a coming.
  13. Nope wasn''t provincial, he''s got his 206 down here doing a little aerial seeding. I was Superiors Heli from the longlac area. Most of the time John keeps his machines away from this area until things start heating up. I''m sure that Delta will be running one of his big birds over here soon...they usually park a machine at the OMNR on spec every year...not a bad idea if you ask me afterall they are usually one of the first on fires every year. Bye the way no-one would happen to know of an operator hungry for a low time guy....I can do absolutely anything you throw my way...and I don''t ev
  14. I couldn''t believe it....April 11th. and here I see a 204 with a bucket underneath. Around the Dryden area here we have already have had about 3 small fires...mostly due to irresponsible people burning brush...but never the less they are already asking people to stop burning when it is windy. I took a small hike out in the bush and things already are starting to look dry. I guess we just haven’t had enough precip this past winter. Never know it may be another year of chasing fires.
  15. Nomex Thanks for the reply....and yes I am well aware of the ususal first sighns of a generator off or a failure. During my first solo ride during flight training I had a generator not charging the battery properly....I could recieve fine but couldn''t transmit very well...it takes a lot of juice to operate those power transistors on the transmit side of the radio. I can''t remember why but I heard that engine out is quite common in older ships when having a generator off or during a failure....supposidly the rotor low horn is one of the first things to go crazy...I can''t remember why
  16. Here''s one that I don''t fully understand...maybe some of you boys can help me figure it out. Supose you go flying and forget to turn on the generator and the battery voltage drops below 14 volts DC...the engine out horn should activate...why is this?.. I can''t remember!
  17. RDM CTD Thanks for the reply, I do understand the value of staying put however I get a little frustrated sitting bye the phone waiting for it to ring. Another issue is flight time as the way the policy is now written I can''t get close to the controls...and this is the real issue as I want to be a pilot rather than a ground junky forever. The old log book has gotten little use in the past years. I do like the position I am in I just would like some time. I have went on many a trips banging on doors....with many goodlucks but no real takers. One thing is for certain I will not give up
  18. Hey Guys Being a lowtimer that works for Forest whenever any ground work comes up I thought I would fill you in on Barts operation..Forest Helicopters. Originally started out with the one 206 that was bought when Midwest broke up. Not long after they put on another 206 because they just couldn''t keep up with all the work. About a year ago or so they bought a D model Astar and it was recently converted to a Super D...now that thing has no problems with 1500 lbs on the hook...especially nice when moving drills. As for employees we have Norm Jones (part owner of Midwest), Garret Mac (fr
  19. Wow I can''t remember who we had service through...but I know that we weren''t paying anything close to 4.50 per minuite!! I believe we payed around 1.10 per minuite. Afterall I could never see my old boss calling his wife at home if it hurt his pocketbook that bad. I would however recomend buying a phone with the added cell feature. You may want to contact Hydro One''s flight division....they have some nicer looking phones now days, and they work much better than the old global-stars.
  20. Wow....great stories. Heres one that came from my flight instructor. A guy landed on a small cliff in order to take a leak. He brought the engine to idle and put the frictions on. As he stood beside the machine with his pride in his hand a gust of wind came buy which caused the machine to lift off and proceed to fall down the cliff. As the story goes the machine was damaged beyond repair and so was the pilots job!
  21. What makes me scratch my head is that operators always are discussing their clients. Having worked on the ground for 3 years I do understand that clients want an experienced pilot when they put their employees in the machine. However what ever happens to those jobs that low timers could do such as aerial seeding, spraying or ferrying. The majority of this type of work requires no minimums and I believe that the pilot would only need hull insurance to do this work. Don''t get me wrong I do understand the need for high time pilots, I just would like to see some lowtimers get a little time in
  22. I had read the posts on this topic at the other site...but I had a few questions. Did these pilots just turn off the hydrallics and then jump out?....or did they turn off the hydrallics put the frictions on and then get out? Personally I believe in shutting down the machine ....although I have seen others hop out with machine running.
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