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  1. Operating a BA with 6 passengers ( love seat ) sure doesn't leave much margin for fuel! Glad everyone is ok.
  2. I should rephrase this, campanies or personnall Arn't lying. However no one is asking questions or enforcing hour regulations so everyone goes to work and try's to avoid any questions pertaining to experience. It effects all levels such as demand for personnel.
  3. Most guys arn't flying for free, but at regular wage, to gain twin time. Companies are lying about pilots experience so their twins can be employed and maintain current contracts. This hurts the whole business model along with high time pilots and even what company gets awarded a contract. Another example of how it effects the industry as a whole. CK
  4. I understand people are upset and feel this doesn't help our industry. If anything this will allow some entry into the business but I agree its not right. We're upset that some one would work for less, possibly effecting the industry as a whole, however it's happening all around us. For example how about muliti engine aircraft flying around for oil and gas or the mining sector, those large company's have minimum muliti engine hour requirements / time on type spec's , I'm willing to bet those reg's arn't being followed. I don' t see the difference, just happening on different levels in the in
  5. Big changes, but maybe in some cases the customer will finish their work in 8 hours and not drag out 10-11 hour duty days. More flying less sitting.
  6. 85ft for precision work! After that I just use what is nessary to safely complete job! Some down falls to a long line especially cable is coiling it up and packing in machine if jumping around job sites! Not to mention un tangling when not coiled properly. A long line is also more difficult to drag around mountains if there's weather in the area! Like you say tho, tough to see when windy!
  7. Our base has 2 BA's with 19,450hrs and another with 19,830hrs. Both machines in great condition.
  8. $ 46 per day $ 7.0 for incidentails, phone/laundry $ 25 per night S130 if you supply your own room and meals Its pretty good from what I'm seeing
  9. So what companies are offering these bonuses?
  10. Hi Linda and Wayne Just seems like the other day we were living together in the crew house! That alone should make you laugh. You were flying GLAH. All the best to you guys, stay strong and positive. You just need to know were all thinking of ya! Craig Kendell
  11. Hello Just wondering if anyone knows if there has been an accident in the Stewart BC area. Nelson Glacier area!!! Thanks CK
  12. Good Read Is it possible that there are more injuries associated with "Non Engine MF" in twin turbine aircraft because they(twin engine aircraft) generally carry more passengers making that statistic higher. Craig
  13. Westcoast of B.C. After 5 summers of flying and working full time perhaps 68-85K per year depending on how busy the summers are.
  14. I believe the owners of most companies are doing fine! It's the employees that feel the slow time.
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