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  1. I do not have one myself, because I do not have anyone to have it for!!! If I go down tomorrow, the only one who will care is the Engineer who last looked at the machine!!! Speaking of which, I have seen a few senior Engineers with helmets.... Makes you think yes?
  2. P.S. If any of you who want to be there have not contacted Rob, PLEASE DO!! He is organising it all, and needs to know!!! rob.soucy@shaw.ca
  3. Good to see lots of positive response, from young and old!!!!! It would be great to see Donna, but i haven't heard anything from her since we left Peace River. I do not know all those nick names... or allot who have posted on this thread. I do hope at the reunion, we all say who we are! My rembermember is in bad enough shape without all these dumb names. I want to know who I am talking to!!!
  4. SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!! I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING ALL THE PIECE GUYS/GALS AGAIN!!!!!!! Early August works for me! OLG
  5. Who on earth is this IDIOT????? I hope to god you are not fixing my helicopter!!!! You should identify yourself "Fifth" so we can all avoid you in the real world!!!!!
  6. What happened to Pinch? Dose Mustang have any good engineers left? I don't think I'll fly for them next year!!!
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