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  1. Well, IMO I would go to a flight training unit where access to the mountains is close, having the experience in the mountains is the best. Getting used to mountain flying will give you an edge, when it comes time to getting that first hard to come by job. :up: There is a guy who is starting a new flight training unit.. can't remember the name of the outfit but was advertised as starting November 2006. Being that he is new and building a reputation the trainging will probably be very good, with extra attention to detail. ( in BC I believe with a Bell 47) :up: There are also a few tr
  2. Confirmed, I saw the SOP today when arrived in Dryden the list of active fires six pages long double sided. There about 8 mediums and an assortment of lights and intermediates too parked infront OMNR. All waiting for weather to improve in direction of Thunderbay and Nipigon. I have a sneaking suspicion that she is going to go till the snow flies.. :shock: The rain and met from Saskatoon - Yorkton was light.. as I suspected the system has lost most of its oomph over the praries. Apparently those who chose the southern route Medhat.. Regina are still stuck!! Lets remember 3 clean scans in
  3. Yes, It is good.. Hurler is on the way to Ontario.. Hide your daughters.. lock the windows and batton down the hatches.. Stuck in Saskatoon behind crapola weather hoping to make the final legs tomorrow. Edmonton to Sask was I follow road. :shock: Even with the present system inbound from the praries( that appears to be loosing steam) after it has dumped most of its humidity in the Praries.. I am hoping for at least a week of work... :up: Hoping weather from US falls short...as it has for most of the summer.. H
  4. In an effort to start yet anoth serious topic that I sincerely hope doesn't decay into silly match. Rumours have it that PPC's will soon be a thing of the past, and PCC's under the authority of the company CP will be the new proficiency requirement for Ac carrying less than 6 passengers. Any news on this? And does the helicopter community believe that this will lead to a lower level of safety. Apparently TC in a effort to implement SMS feels that it should re groove into an enforcement body and not take the responsibility for PPC's for Ac carrying less that 6 Pax. Personally in the pas
  5. You guys are all absoulely unreal!! Somebody flashed a compliment my way that oposes the opinion of the frat boyz and all of a sudden I am suffering from multiple personalities. Oh well I guess you cannot change the unchangable. As for being " One of " the highest paid pilots on mediums - yes sorry to burst your bubble- its a fact !!- I didn't say the highest. As for ace star I have no clue who this is, and I don't think that the comments posted are unfair or unrealistic. Anyhow gents fly on!! :up: H Lets try to stick to the topic of the thread!!
  6. Still on here in Norther Alberta! No rain till Sat and lost of lightning did some body say hold overs!! :punk: H
  7. Yes Ace Star, you may have something there!
  8. Jesus, I'm starting to feel likle the Howard Stern of the rotary wing world :shock: OK, I promise no more touchy subjects
  9. What an excellent thing to ask. Well I can tell you that with only a VFR you are very limited to the global market. Years ago some buddies ( who are IFR) where encouraging me to do it to open up the job market, Only this year I did it and now there are plenty more opportunities for winter work, getting a US licence is also a good idea. CHC, Heli Jet, or the Canadian air ambulance are option on where one can get started. For me it was an excellent opportunity to do some refresher book work and brush up on what I had forgotten+ the new stuff. MET as well as the other subjects covered under the H
  10. Ohhhh! TQN lighten up! I don't mind in I am called a dude, or even an assH0le for that matter. I have the greatest respect for the FEMALE pilots I have worked with, most are very savy. As for the bombshell, I don't know about Penticton!! I am in Alberta at an undisclosed location. Hurler
  11. Concurent with another thread I did notice that there are 115 female pilots in Canada,how many that are active is unknown. (Just out of curiousity if a guy decides on a life altering change is she then considered into this 115 or is it when the licence is issued. :shock: ) More on the topic I have heard women make better pilots because there is no tostesteron to deal with.. could this be true?? I wonder what the accident stats say proportionally to the number of pilots. ?? The one thing I do know is that they should all be ugly because very recently I landed to the sight of a blond b
  12. This topic should really be moved to the engineering,maint and ground ops sub heading. :shock: Hot water, clean rag, then a shot of 210. :up: H
  13. Egg Partly correct, except I found a company where credit is given for experience. In addition the CP is not a jerk, on a power trip. On top of it all I am compensated for the services I provide in a proper manner. In addition the majority of the pilots are 40+ something so communication is fluid and you get the feeling that nobody really has anything to prove. The company is totally non qliquee- which is a refreshing change to the backstabbing qliquee frat boy mentality I have encountered at the majority of companies I have worked for. Like I said along time ago, there are maybee 3
  14. Egg No my opinion is exactly the same as it concerns the BS in the industry :down: , except for this year its a little less painfull to swallow. H Nice try though egg!!
  15. Well shizle my whizzle! Apparently Ontario- Thunderbay has 6 fires on the go! Add the 2 monsters in BC and i will bet that we are going into October/ November. Add that most firefighters have returned to school that leaves huge personell resource gaps... It could multiply. Watch those type 2 crews gents... :shock: Where I am hover exit maneuvers have been cancelled, cause no one is trained.. Oh well!! Enjoy the ride! :up: H
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