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  1. Rob, The new Job is Awesome! Just going through the company training and exams, also doing some maintenance and operational work, it is great. I truely appreciate all the time you spent with us, preparing us for the operational helicopter enviroment. Thanks, Sincerely, Kevin
  2. Just looking into getting a GPS, I have been looking at the Garmin 296, 396 and the new 496, just wondering if anybody has much experience with them? Are there maps available for all the GPS for Northern BC and Alberta? How is the XM radio and weather? Thanks, Kevin
  3. Nolan, Premier uses a Cell Phone/MP3 type adapter that is integrated into the camera system used. When you watch the video there is a slight helicopter background sound and the instructors voice is entirely clear. There are a number of ways to set up the camera audio recording system, I prefer to hear only the instructors voice on most flights. When I was practicing for my flight test I set it up to only record me. In the early stages of training I had it set up so it recording all the intercom and radio. The audio recording set up is easily changed to do whatever the student desires. If
  4. "I think it would be mostly useful in the solo section of the training" Cole, I believe with th instructors audio input on the disc's the dual time is just as valuable as solo. When you fly solo at Premier you put your own voice on the disc. It is a life learning experience to hear yourself on disc. Dual, at first I preffered the camera being set up so all the radio work was recorded so I could get use to the radio. Once the radio is a non issue, I preffer just having the instructors voice on the video so the radio isn't distracting while I watch the video. "Do the instructor
  5. Cole + volition, Premier uses a wide angle camera to film each flight. The picture covers both pedals, the instrument panel, both cyclics and the whole horizon. There is full audio on the disc of the instructor making comments about the tasks at hand. The student leaves each flight with a DVD to review of the flight. Great teaching tool. Kevin
  6. Just wondering what S/N BH 206 went from Jet Ranger II's to Jet Ranger III's. Thanks, Merry Christmas, Kevin
  7. plumber, I have shot a couple of pinnacle approaches at 5500ft. I am a low time pilot that needs to experience alot more flying before I do a mountain course and learn real mountain flying with the finest of power management.
  8. Vast, The R22 is a very nimble machine that is fun to fly. However, with the low rotor inertia, the instructor is more limited with the amount he can let the student make corrections, esspecially with auto's. I really like the inertia of the 206 and the G4, there much more forgiving.
  9. plumber, Vast, My first flight was in a 206, When I was sure I wanted to flight train I did an intro flight in a BH 47 G2, 300 CBI, and the BH 47 G4, since than I have flown a friends R22.
  10. I am Premier Helicopter Trainings first student from zero hours to flight test completion. I started training at Premier last January, broke my leg in May and was unable to fly for 4 months. In september I started flying again and yesterday I did my flight test at 79 Hrs. In the next 20 hours Rob is going to put me through additional operational training incorperating long lining and a Bell 206 indorsement. The Bell 47 G4 that Premeirs uses for flight traing is without question the best trainer. With full fuel and two 200lbs people the G4 will hover out of ground effect at 6000ft. The
  11. Just wondering which cell phone / mp3 adapters work the best? Is the Safety Cell or the Cell Set preffered? Thanks, Kevin
  12. Currently, I am at 75 hours in my commercial training preparing for my flight test. A year ago I set out to select the school I was going to train at. After a quick intro flight at Chinook and than going striaght over to BC Helicopters, I knew there was no question the Bell 47 was the training machine of choice (especially now since I have been up in a friends R22). A month went by while I thought things over and did a little research. I realized the Bell 206 is the best and most likely helicopter a 100 hour pilot can hope to get into. Its forgiving, reliable, has lots of blade inertia, to
  13. Helilog56, Come by any time, the coffee is always on! Kevin
  14. Bushman, Helilog56: Currently, I am training at Premier Helicopter Training with Rob Wood. I have 61 Hrs now and I am extremely happy with the training I have received. Rob spends so much time with me on the ground going over everything from aerodynamics of flight to Bell 206 flight Manuals and relating them to real working situations. Rob is so calm in the aircraft, which is essential for a learning environment. During the flight Rob always focuses on the positive things that are going on, this is much more encouraging, than having an instructor "lose it." Each flight at Premier is recor
  15. I am currently training at Premier Helicopter Training at the Pitt Meadows Airport with Rob Wood. When I became interested in a career as a commercial helicopter pilot, I started to do research on all the schools on the west coast. I made appointments at all the schools I felt were top candidates and brought along a questionaire I had made. After I had gone through my questionaire with the flight instuctors, I knew whether or not I was going to further pursue the school and go for an intro flight. After spending some time at each school, it makes your decision where to train easier. It reall
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