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  1. I realize that you would like a school in the west however I would be remiss if I did not mention Central Helicopter Training in St Thomas Ontario. We use a Sagem glass cockpit raven II or traditional steam gauges in raven I. We have a flyit simulator and a full ground school given in a smart board environment. You would also be able to do the hours on a cessna 172 at the fixed wing school on the field. We can arrange accomations local to the airport and even get you here daily to save on expenses.
  2. The difference between achieving a Medical Doctor's degree and a Commerical helicopter pilots license is that when you finally receive you Doctors certification you can go and practice your profession at that moment, although you probably will not be preforming brain surgey. However no one would expect a fully qualified commerical helicopter pilot to jump into a heavy and perform helilogging or precision longline lifting but they do expect you to push a broom. Me thinks that the new Doctor would pass on the broom.
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