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  1. Sharkbait I'm glad somone got something poistive out of our ranting , and no there are no 1-5 dukes it was a nickname given to me while heli-skiing several years ago, and its in reference to the movie "apocolipse now" .
  2. MAYDAY,MAYDAY,I'am taken hits CHARLIE's everywhere. Ouchchhhhhhhhh! I'll give ya that one HBG although, I did show determination. Who knew the kindling was still in. I guess one has to remember not to get ahead of himself. An old timer once told me there is only two types of pilots " those that have, and those that are about to" screw-up. I've learned that lesson the hard way. I wish you better luck. Your typical Drill Pilot's first day in the 212.
  3. HBG, Boyyy, just when my knuckles were starting to heal . Well we could go on and on about this topic. They are both excellent machines, and as long as it is doing what your marketing guy told the client it would, well I guess your in good shape. But we are all entitled to our opinions. Have fun up in Two Lakes . P.S ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, PRINCESS even with a 212 & longline in tow. And yes I've heard all about your drilling experience from the Bertram boys, there AIRWRECK . Let me now when you want to move upto the majors. Things must be getting lonely @ the farm team .
  4. Leggo, Depending on your job requirements all three A/C (Bell 210.205-13,205-17, 212 3, 212 3B, 212HP 3D, 212HP 3E/F) have there merits. All of the above A/C will meet your job requirements unless you go to altittude or are required to fly twin engine due to customer requirements. The E/F powerplant upgrade on the 212 will give you an addtional 9% Q as well as higher N1 values and the ability to "beep the performing engine" thus allowing you to determine your daily operating limit i.e N1, ITT, or Q. It also gives you an OEI of 96%. Both helicopters are incredibly easy to fly, and make ex
  5. Hey BS Would have to agree with Skullcap. Probably not recommended to fix yourself. I would suggest returning it to the manufacturer, I have run both lines on bags and drills for many years. Most of the lines with internal wiring that I have run failed, due to initial stretch. Consequently we either returned the line to the manufacturer or removed the internal wiring and ran a extension cord up the line. I realize this may not work with multi-function carousels due to lack of wiring options. Additionally there my be liability issues trying to repair it yourself. (i.e. company repaired l
  6. Thank you Gentleman, Your comments and suggestions are duly noted. I appreciate your time. BDVI
  7. I was hoping if some of my fellow seismic drivers could offer some more insight, feedback and or opinion's on either system. Pilot interface, navigation screens, screen readability, pilot workload, etc... Differential coverage & accuracy, system servicability and installation, pilot workload while conducting longline operations ? (Drills & Bags) Any genuine feedback would be great, not trying to start a ***** session just looking for an honest opinion from the boyz. Thanks in advance, BDVI.
  8. Easy old-timer ! The wife is already suprised I can fit my head in that old skid lid . Apperently the mail east of the Kootneys is living up to its reputation as snail mail, my issue is not yet arrived. An old wise man told me once, it is better to say nothing and appear stupid than open your mouth and prove it. Judging by the rebuttles from my peers (whom I know are well versed in this type of operation) the author should have heeded some of this wisdom and the editor should show a little more due dilligence before allowing articles of this nature to go to press. Many of the people on thi
  9. Gentlemen, I was curious where a wannabe Longline pilot like myself, may find this article you speak of ? More specifically which Volume ? 24 or 25. Page reference would also be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Thanks in advance. BDVI.
  10. Roger That, PedalJam you should check-out the Bartender. :up:
  11. The view from the office on Friday in the Pebble Creek area. I can't believe I get paid to do this for a living. :up: Our thoughts are with you boyz out on the East coast. HaHahaaaaaaaaaaa Just Kidding, on the other hand,there is next to no snow and temps are in the +double digits for the east slopes, a little bird from AFS was telling us Fires are just around the corner, may have crews deployed as early as last week in April, could be similar to 99' . 4961 ATP study reference exams & other stuff are enroute, will drop them off on friday's transfer to Whistler, if not on the way back f
  12. Would have to agree with Rob and Randy, was lucky enough to get my start on mediums there. Highly recommend learning everything you can from JE, the man is a living icon. All that knowlege won't be around forever as he threatens to retire every year. Laura and Bruce were always good to me, however have learned from other operations to get it in writing before the season starts. Good Luck there Jet B.....it's a good place for experience and oppurtunity, good people.
  13. Skullcap, Maybe you should re-read my post but this time keep this in mind. My comment on the A-Star was in quotation meaning I was simply reiterating what I was told by the Check-pilot while he was giving me my introduction to type and with my limited time on type I agreed with his comment. As I mentioned in my previous post I'am far from an expert, and highly respect the opinions of those pilots that do fly it and there concerns, which if you have been reading this topic is raising concerns by AStar pilots like yourself. Maybe you mis-interpreted my post? In highlighting the 205's shortcomm
  14. Well said Randy, in regards to the 2x5 issue. I had a #2 Hyd system failure (pump) in Ontario in 98' with a sling load in the old 2x5 A-1, had to literally "sit" on the collective to get helicopter to start any kind of downward motion, once I was established in ground effect @ about 10 kts had to beep back linear accuator and" slowly" reduce throttle to attain ground contact even after ground contact couldn't get collective all the way to "bottom". A non event now that I look back on it. However it does raise some questions in regards to "System Safety" this individual problem was traced back
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