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  1. Hey og Holes happened this year, Jan 23 2006 only 8 short months ago! Oh and new memo out from YVR, no one under 3 yrs gets out! Locks on the gate!
  2. I can say I saw him slip down the slippery slope, Pete & I attended those YUCK-A-FLUX parties! Anyone see who Pete left with? LOL
  3. Well I am not sure if Ted is still on the farm but I do know he is in deed selling drugs on a street corner in Dundalk! LOL Oh I should meation it is all legal and above board and a great little store to visit! Thanks to his Mom I joined the alumni in 85-86 ..... thanks Mrs. A
  4. Now I could well be wrong, but I am sure Falcon had a Long Ranger out of Smithers late 80's early 90's. Like I said I could wrong on that.
  5. ?? RDM you mean it hasen't crossed your desk yet? Yup tour is coming to a close .......... 42 days off coming .........best part is I am doing less then the hoist commander and making more then him! Maybe I'll take up the game of casing white balls on my time off! SAR who's teaching who what over there? Be honest you two! Hey I heard a rumour lad, is it true? Did ya "just do it"? :shock:
  6. Tours? Hmmmm I would have loved that! Oh well, hey RDM ya got your waxing permit yet? Here beaver, beaver, beaver!
  7. Hey 412, I remember a great social life between April to Oct ....... isn't that what led to our "12 steps to recovery program"?? Drinking from garbage cans in Highlevel, at least we didn't sleep in the ditch at the Vermon cut-off! LOL Now tell him the truth ........ "invest in real estate!"
  8. Now if memory serves me correctly (it is old and does mess up) there is NO such thing as a "TC approved Mountain Course". You will find "An approved Mountain Course" but not by TC. So any company who wishes to sit down and design their own course layout and training syllabus may do so. This can then be submitted to your local forestry branch for review and their "approval". Then you train your driver accordingly and document this training as with all other training and if you wish you can use MS word to make up a nice fancy certificate so said driver can hang it on his wall. Again time ma
  9. Not sure how much of a help I will be here but here I go (if I make a mistake, please don't crusify me): 1) Must have TC approval on your ops spec. 2) Single engine night is only for ferry essential AIR CREW non revenue flights. 3) If flying passengers A/C must be twin engine, and pilot IFR & night rated and current. 4) Standard night equipment required for both. 5) Flight Plans required. Ok I think thats it, but I am sure I have missed some.
  10. OOOOOOH ..... how I want to put my two cents worth of experience in here too!!
  11. $(^! oops 4961 or 4691? Whatever the F@3$ it is ..... have you ever worked a day over 6 hours after escaping the Black Frenchman?
  12. RDM is out driving his new car or should we say his womens new car? He will have to get it out for a road trip so he maybe past soon!! It is a pretty tiny car!! Almost like the flintstone type!
  13. Hey 412, since things are kind of quiet do you think ya might throw a YUCK-A-FLUCKS party? Still able to remember small flashes of that one soooo many years ago in Highlevel.
  14. I DO so much miss the Beaver!!! One of the best aviation bars I have been in. A bucket or two of mussels and an endless stream of suds served by some really hot ladies. Oh I miss the Beaver, used to love having to go to Acro for extended maintenance.
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