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  1. The first video is SOP. The second vid you could see through the layer. That's mountain flying.
  2. Has anyone taken or can recommend an Aviation business management course? Preferably, an online or correspondence type. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know if it'll be operated by the Police service or the private sector?
  4. Bear Spray isn't designed to scare off a bear, its made to buy you some time, to help you get to your machine, cottage, whatever. I also wouldn't fly with it in my lap either...That's what baggage compartments are for.
  5. I carried a AR-7 for survival, but wouldn't do much for bears. You also might want to try bear spray if your worried, Easy to carry around and fits on your belt. It's just not as much fun!!!! The Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 is a new and improved version of the famous U.S. Airforce AR-7 .22 rifle. The ultra lightweight design breaks down in seconds into three pieces, enabling the barrel action and magazines to fit comfortably into the dirt and waterproof stock. When stowed, it measures a mere 16.5” long and includes a sturdy plastic box with carrying handle for storage and transportation
  6. Does that mean that the well seats are off limits or can you have five on the bench and four in the wells? Provided of course your within C of G.( I know, I know, four on the bench before any in the wells.) I've just been out of Mediums in Can for a while so I'm ut of the loop. Cheers, Jay
  7. Hey RDM, In that pic with you and Mr Sikorsky, what is that light on the front of the sponson? Must be some kind of new super fog penetrating devise! Jay
  8. Have you seen a R-22 landing gear!?!?!?!? two words... F#@k me! Super Puma can take 1500' pr/min rate of descent no problem, 92 oleo's are built to self destruct to absorb energy.
  9. I did five years in the bush then bit the bullet and ate Kraft dinner for a year or two, best thing I ever did for family life, but sure miss real flying as offshore is mindnumbingly boring. Yes, you'll fly with Captains you may not like but as long as you know the SOP's ( standard operating procedures ) you don't have to talk about personal issues and the cockpit will run just fine because both crew know there jobs. Your not to old, but two crew and IFR is different (and a lot less fun) I can't stress enough knowing the SOP's and you'll do fine. I worked at HJ from 2000-02 and it was th
  10. This one fella I worked with flew out some rock doctors to a very remote site and shut down. When they finished there work and returned to the helicopter they found the pilot drinking out of a 3/4 empty whiskey bottle. They were quite concerned about staying the night until they found out it was Iced tea.
  11. The 412EP cockpit and the High seas of the Persian Gulf. ( looks a lot like Newfoundland. NOT )
  12. Cougar is still doing it offshore (or on land) with ex-SAR techs in the back who are employed by Cougar. The Oil companys wanted it mostly because the old Labs couldn't fly in ice when the Puma could.
  13. What would Phoenix be doing with a 355 ?????
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