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  1. Considering the state the industry (Nov 2014) with lay-offs, lack of work, declining tariffs and the resource industry being hit with low commodity prices (oil - gas - gold - silver - forestry), it is no surprise that all companies are struggling at the moment. And that will impact all of us. The fact that OpsMobil is making the transition of merging several companies... it should be expected that there will be bumps in the road. Former employees who don't like change... usually resist it, quit, get fired - but always complain. Those that stay are those that embrace change and work to
  2. Pinch-- you beer guzzlin'- wrench twistin old dog- back with VIH - full time yet??? What gives- Do ya have to make payments on that new laptop or what?? Ya shoulda stayed with the lap dancin- might'a bin cheaper Hahaha. Happy New Year Ya Young Fart. Coastal.
  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm.... if you actually read the "Standards" you will see that inexperienced pilots are not allowed to fly any of these companies. Therein lies the biggest problem... the O&G E&P industry actually hold one of the last areas of work where a low time pilot can "SAFELY" enter the industry and build his/her experience and polish their skills. It's not as if flying across flat terrain with multitudes of emergency landing sites is a great challenge (minus a few weather cancellations).. Pilot minimums should read more along the line of: "Having been given dual controlle
  4. Had to dig out the original to see what it actually said: *********************** Commercial Pilot Licence #9518 Helicopters Only Bell 47 Valid for VFR Day Flying Only Issued April 17, 1972 Signed by: Ray McGowan *********************** So that's 34 years of great adventure, exploring, fishing, prospecting, great camps, bad camps, leaky air matresses on dirt floored tents, stiffling heat, bitter cold, heart stopping adrenaline, storm force winds, extreme turbulence, multitudes of medi-vacs, great clients, arseholes, and camp groupies in the middle of the night. It start
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