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  1. I have been using this one for the last year works great from best buy. Dual head so I can charge iPad and gps reciever at the same time. Never an issue. Had a garmin and it worked well but not a dual and the ipad doesnt seem to like usb splitters http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/wagan-wagan-companion-go-dual-usb-adapter-with-fuse-protection-el2881-el2881/10301056.aspx?path=cd7593656c4407943fde3707c141b3d2en02
  2. Metals cheap. Good job keeping the spinning part pointing up
  3. I remember many times, when starting out, crazy reasons someone would give you for not giving you a shot. Seems like it has gotten worse rather than better and the graph showing that eventual retirement of a big chunk of guys is not far off. Hopefully things will get better before. Our company has trained up a few people but we too get trapped by some requirements.
  4. Hi all Am putting together some sops for vertical reference around power lines and was hoping for some input either some ideas or stuff you already have on paper. Will post what I combine or come up with later. Thanks!
  5. My take on this thus far is that if you are doing hydraulic tests at either ground idle or at 100%; Make sure the collective lock is on.
  6. Ouch! Glad everyone was alright. Metal is cheap
  7. Heard a machine got rolled up in Bella Coola last week. Some friends had some pics forwarded to them. Heard all walked away but the machine was a write off.
  8. "tail rotor came off" Bucket may have caught" These two are not unrelated at all. there is always the possibility that the bucket "caught" in the water causing a dynamic roll over effect (with a belly load they are possible in any direction) if that was the case, then the tail may have touched the water and an imbalance could make it detach. There is no disrespect in these posts if we are trying to ascertain the cause of an accident that took a good friend and college and if from that we learn to avoid the same fate. I have nothing but the most heartfelt sympathies for our families an
  9. Hey guys At our company here we used to sign out DI's for the A star and the 206 which we have never done at other companies. We were then told by transport auditors that this was not required. Can someone direct me to the cars language that directs how this is done? (We have to do a DI signout on the heavies) Thanks! B
  10. Just got great life insurance from Rick Gilchrist. He was/ is a chief pilot and did a great job for me. contact him at: Richard.Gilchrist@investorsgroup.com
  11. Quite a good read. He is a good writer and I agree that anyone thinking about going there needs to do their research. This is not like going up north.
  12. I think that as long as someone is paying you a livable wage and treats you right you are doing ok while you get going. Never for free as that is bad for everyone. I dont believe that you should pay anything for endorsements etc. That's their part of the deal. After you have cut some teeth and are pulling your own the pay should follow. Be loyal to the company that gives you the break but remember, they have to take care of you too. If you get a better offer, at least let them match it.
  13. Hmmm guess that could explain why I have yet to sell my 72 Datsun 510. Perhaps my asking of $12,000 because of its 'antique' status is too high?
  14. Technically speaking we can land anywhere we want as long as it is on your flight plan and approved. Unannounced landings or flights.... your results will be not so happy
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