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  1. Alright then, how about Abu Dhabi Aviation? Good, bad or indifferent? and should I add that I am a tech but pilot info is just as valuable.
  2. Looking for some feedback on what Gulf Helicopters is like to work for in Doha? Anyone out there that can off some info it would be most appreciated.
  3. What is your point AS350? I read a forum here that did not seem right and posted to clarify if I was reading it correctly. As Hazy pointed out the original poster did have both an M1 & M2 which changes the original question. I do not take kindly to someone belittling any trade no matter what it is. Which is the way I read graunch's post.
  4. I have my time in thanks and I was judging you from the ignorance in your post concerning the uselessness of someone's licence. I have come across many M's who claim to be able to do avionics or structural work and turn out to be as gash as they come. All three trades have their place. Your statement that once you obtain an M2 you lose your E seems to be incorrect as there appears to be 85 people who have just that. I think that was the topic being discussed here. It is possible for someone to work full time as an avionics on a Global Express and have their own AMO working on M1
  5. It appears that one can have an M1 & E, or M2 and E, or M1 & S or M2 and S but not M1,M2 and E or S, as taken from the TC site: Active (valid) AME licenses: (data downloaded from AMES program) Stats last updated: 2007-10-30 00:00:05 NCR ATL QC BC PNR (MB and SK) PNR (AB) ON Totals M1 19 112 322 494 256 479 509 2191 M2 28 164 905 761 112 309 774 3053 E 10 95 466 392 92 207 436 1698 S 2 41 227 440 105 238 118 1171 Balloons 0 0 4 0 1 3 3 11 M1 and M2 34 419 952 1419 513 1139 1484 5960 M1 and E 0 2 2 7 0 4 7 22 M1 and S 1 7 22 60 26 35 53 204
  6. So if I have an E then get an M2 and install a radio package in a 206 I am unable to sign out the package because the aircraft is under 12,500 and TC took away my E? E a useless licence eh, sounds like a box changer with an ego in our midst. I've heard this same discussion with the S licence and it always seems to end up some are flash and some are gash.
  7. Just want to clarify if I understand this. A person who starts out with an E licence can then get an M1 or an M2 and keep their E. But a person who has an M2 cannot then go on to get the E as well? Is this correct? I was aware that someone who has an M1 and an M2 cannot get an E as TC says the privileges are covered, but I was not aware that if you only had either an M1 OR an M2 you could not get an E.
  8. I think the answer to your credit card question depends on the trouble you have in getting the money back. If you or others have had trouble or excuses come back from the company then be cautious. I personally, love to charge things to my personal card as I collect aeroplan miles, and they rack up fast with hotel and rental car bills. I have never had any trouble getting money back with the group I work with.
  9. Only 7 days for falisfying records? I would think 7 years would be more suitable.
  10. Kingshead you answered your own question. Your level of $35/hour is bang on I think, but you can guarantee that there will be someone that will take $30, then someone will take $28, and so on.
  11. Tricky business the topic of this post. I tend to rely on the credence of "give them enough rope and they will hang themselves"
  12. Never worked on that machine so take this for what it is worth. It seems like you have tackled the possible fuel and ignitor systems so as someone else eluded to how about the electrical? It sounds intermittent so how about the ground for the starter? Again no idea for this machine but how about any speed sensors that are feeding the FADEC? If you have exhausted absolutely everything I would pull all the connectors, clean them and reinstall.
  13. I did the college route for avionics and the correspondence for mech. In my opinion I think it comes down the individual. I would be hesitant of someone who could not get the 70% though. If it was one course only maybe there is a reason but more than one and I would wonder. The course was not that tough. I would comment though that the college courses do well at teaching the technical side but fall very short of teaching about business, accounting, computers, philosophy and management. From my experience I think this shows up in the workforce of AME's and makes us vulnerable to unive
  14. I am not a pilot I am an AME. And not a union memeber but quite the opposite having been a contractor for 6 years. From my experience I am anti-union with the exception that I do think that it enforces safety on those not wise enough to protect themselves. The original need for unions to protect employee's was very real and it did solve the abuse of employee's. Since then laws have been established to tackle the earlier abuses. In today's world there is truth that unions cost a lot, and often protect the lazy/incompetent. I do find these days that management are less and less lik
  15. Well said. There is a difference between the title of "professional" and the attitude of professional. I would hope both adhere to their ethics. A rogue AME may be able to cause a crash, and a rogue electrical engineer may be able to cause a power outage for millions in the dead of winter. It's a silly debate. The fact is that the title of professional engineer belongs to a degree'd engineer who's put in his accredited time and written the required ethics and other exams. In my opinion a degree'd engineer's title does not detract or enhance my profession but at the same tim
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