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  1. Logging time from engine start to shutdown is not correct. It should be from when the AC first moves under it's own power(skids up) to when it lands for the purpose of shutting down(skids down) Idle time at the beginning of the fight or the end of the the flight does not count as Flt time. Also I have had the COM thing thrown at me in the past. Remember who's responsibility it is to remain legal flight and duty time. Here's a hint,it's not the company! For those of you who think logging air time for flight and duty time,remember. Ignorance of the law is a poor defence. Never cut yourself short on safety. Use the rules to protect yourself and your integrity. YOU are the pilot in COMMAND!
  2. If you start up and run at 100%,flight time does not start until the A/C moves under its own power. If you fly around and land three times,for 6 minutes on the ground each time,this is subtracted from your flight time. The flight time ends when you land to shut down at the end of the flight. So if the total time between takeoff and landing to shutdown is 1 hour,that is your flight time. That is what you Charge the customer,that is what you should get paid to fly. Three landing on the ground for a total of 18 minutes(.3) would = .7 air time,that is what the aircrafts maint. is based on. You cannot use air time for your flight and duty time,or it would be called "air and duty time" Also,in Canada,you require 100 hrs flt time to get your lic. not air time. I hope this clarifies this age old discussion.
  3. Ya,I can say the guy probably has what it takes,He is a lot like you you were at one time Zaz,hard working,do whatever it takes kinda guy. Work like a dog all day,and put in lots of extra time making sure his equipment (and usually everyone else's)was ready for the am. I can't imagine how hard it is to break into those first few hundred golden hours these days,and if this guy gets passed up,it will be the industries loss. We could sure use a few less whiners around right about now. Good luck R,this dogs pulling for ya!
  4. and thats when you tell yerself"this day aint going to end well" hey?
  5. Any helicopter can do that,just install a retard with good hands and bad judgement. Anyone who has ever flown a S58T,and knows what it's doing to the mast would never get in it after that display. Cant help but notice,it's no where near North America,where we value our lives and aircraft!
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