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  1. If you don’t mind giving up your labour rights…go for it! Some members of HAC believe that paying overtime is just silly!! Time off?? Lol…come on now! Shhh…..Just go to work young fella!!
  2. Oh man...what did I miss? A back yard brawl? All kidding aside, why the heck don’t we all just get along? I’ve taken a lot of licks from certain ego driven so called “superiors” over the last 23 years of flying and I look back now and feel sad for them. So sad! I’m not perfect and I’m not the best but I believe in honesty, integrity and trust. Too bad others don’t always see it and I can’t help that. Their loss and that’s that! I want to plead to all “leaders, superiors and mentors” in this industry, please check your ego at the door! Lift people up instead of giving them a kick in the ri
  3. Autorevs..I hear you,and agree but we are talking about actual worked and recordable hours. Duty day hours and actual recordable worked hours are two completely different entities. Example: If on shift from 7:00am to 7:00pm your duty time is 12 hours. If all you do is push a broom for one hour between 7:00am and 7:00pm and do nothing else during that period that is work related,you can only record one hour of actual worked time. This is my understanding. HV, care to comment on this?
  4. It's pathedic..plain and simple!!
  5. Freddie, I work for a small company who very recently adopted the averaging system. It was explained to me that if I'm at the hangar from 0700 to 1900 (12hrs) and flew for 2 hours and worked on ops gear for 1 hour,I"m allowed to record 3 hours worked plus an extra 1 hour for pre and post flight duties (DI and log book entries ect..or a half hour on each end) for a grand total of 4 hours worked. Not 12hrs!!!! In other words, I'm only allowed to record actual worked hours. If I'm on a mountain top waiting for my customers to finish up on a repeater, and it takes 6 hours to do so,I cannot record
  6. We use tarred seine twine of equal or slightly smaller diameter than the net twine. We've tried slightly larger diameter twine but found that the knots didn't hold as well. The sheet bend knot tightens and holds very well if done correctly. I use pliers and pull the tag end really tight. Like Whitestone, I also melt the ends. Give Pacific Net and Twine a ring.
  7. My thoughts too ,212 wrench!!!!! Do you think the everyday firemen/women, hope for a good fire simply for a fatter paycheck at the end of the month?.........I don't thinks so!!!!!
  8. Sorry to hear that old! My wife is pregnant and six days away from her due date. I'm not laid off yet but I wonder if my days are numbered as well. Best of luck to ya!!!! CJG
  9. I agree with RHR. Glad to hear everyone is O.K. I don't work for them but I would be offended by some of the comments simply because you have no insight of whats going on. cjg
  10. It would be a heck of a shocker to stumble across any aircraft down. However, I can't think of any reason why an operator would call everyone and there dog to tell them about it; other than for search and rescue. I would say it's nobody's business but their own!!!!!!!! cjg
  11. WOW....... Made me chuckle!!! Thanks, CJG
  12. Thanks for all of your comments. It seem's like one's choice of life style is a big player. I have to say that my employer is very fair and understanding, but at the same time it's very hard to leave my family behind. They have a few base openings, so I guess it's something my wife and I will need to discuss further. God bless her.....she has put up with alot!!!! It's interesting to read about other pilot's perspective and experiences on this issue. Does anyone have a crystal ball or magic mirror I can use? lol. Thanks again, fly safe, CJG
  13. I'm wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are. Currently I'm in the "pool" and pondering the idea of a base job. Yes, I am married with one child and another on it's way. I've heard that base pilots are married to their base with very little time off. Is there any merrit to that? Any comments from people with first hand knowledge or that have seen both sides of the coin is appreciated..... Please fill me in with your experiences!!!!! Thanks, cjg :up:
  14. Talk to Walter at Western Aerial Applications in Chilliwack. We spent many months on designing a Coastal friendly stand pipe and head,made out of aluminum, vented ect. They are best type I have seen. I'm sure they won't mind selling a few!!! I'm not sure what they would charge for one. CJG
  15. I would like to know,and I won't have a problem sleeping at night. sweet dreams :up: cheers cjg
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