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  1. If not mistaken that was the proto 120 and is now at ECC as a training aid. If you notice the horizontal stab is not in the tailboom as in the 120. Also the gear is located further forward now and a three point attachment. France reg. also. :shock: Cheers. C
  2. I'm sitting in FT Worth right now , 417 is just a shelled fuselage. 429 is flying in Mirabel though, nice machine and much diff. than the 427!! Cheers, Cutter
  3. Again, Congrats Mike and Linda and all contributors to Vertical magazine and this great website!! It really does'nt seem like four years already, but "Good Things Last"! Well done. C.
  4. Kyle, I would think that as an AME/Pilot an owner /operator would hold said individual in high regard as he would be able to trouble shoot problems and sign off A/C. As well fly with an understanding of the machine and it's limits. This only saving the machine any unjust O/T's and the company any extra costs per rev hour and easier on the machine in general. As for schooling , Canadore seems to be a little more Rotary based if you pick it in the second year as the individual teaching it is a well respected individual in the field! Every one of us has pushed the broom but if you persist you will succeed. It all depends on how "BAD" and how much we "ENJOY" what we strive to do and endure the hard and trying times when we say "Do I really want to do this to fly?" Your son seems focused so, "Have @ er" and enjoy My 2$ worth. Been there done that !! Well worth it in the grand scheme of things. All the best! Cutter
  5. Check out Silverline, a little farther than Bolton but great place to learn. Ask for Peter Curry, he's a great flight instructor . Any other ?'sPM me :up:
  6. At this point Mags "OK" LOL!!! The FUNS's just begun!! Cheers, P
  7. HOW MANY "CROSSDRESSERS" ETC, or is this topic "TABOO" ?? Interesting if we can wrench as well as fly Non? Suggestions welcome, I think there will be a few!!!!! I got the third degree when I asked about both but happy I had Intelligent answers to my ???'s. Very Happy after the career change!! CHEERS!! P
  8. FA, Glad to hear all is well, gotta love the Med's eh!! Hope your not giv'n too much blood. Drop me a PM as to wereabouts. Beers at the Monkey Tree in Sept?? Mag's, Euro got a waterbucketing Medium??? I thought they gave "Free "hats to anybody Cheers, P
  9. 3Lions, Give GSH a call, Great place to work and a very professional company as Fricken App. can atest to!! Things seem to be starting sooo , Good Luck! :up: :up: Cheers Cutter
  10. CTD, Hope your back to stay for awhile anyways. If I still rode , or drank in the same bar, or flew in behind you I certainly would say "HI" . Welcome back!! :up: Cheers, PC
  11. Mike , sorry for the type error . " Vertical"
  12. After reading Verticle , Canadian Operators story , the interviewed operators stated that " it was hard to find anyone with any sort of competency, bred-in mechanical skills, or work ethics that we were used to seeing 10 years ago." "We are seeing a lack of experienced people, and a definite lack of people that want to work in some of the remote locations that we operate in." "We used to be able to train apprentices where they learned hands-on experience in the field. Now they have to go to a trade shool , but after graduation they 're not flocking to the helicopter industy, they are going to the airlines or manufactures like Bombardier. We are at a disadvantage." -As a whole are we not promoting the engineer as a career? Helicopter. -Are these trade schools not producing a qualified apprentice? -Are these new apprentices without any type of hands on skills (soft skills), that employers need ? -Are the older engineers not able because of time constraints or not willing to, Mentor , these new apprentices that the industry says it needs so badly? -Have we created our own problem of not taking the time to show these new apprentices the years of knowledge one has gained. "He's forgotten more than you'll ever know." -Does the new up and coming apprentices age, have to do with the lack of or not wanting to "Work and get dirty", for a living , because they did'nt have the same opportunities as we had. I am sure that there are many opinions on why, and what we can and should do to address these shortcomings. What do we really want in an apprentice , how can we fastrack them , are we willing to spend the time and resources needed to produce a quality engineer? What does a company need to do to keep them? Answers?
  13. Sharky!! I'll be look'n for GREY hairs on your return . Have a good few , Cold Ones. Cheers, Paul
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