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  1. Hey Fellow flyers..i`m looking for Bell 206L1,L3,L4 Pdf manuals it wasn`t on the electrocution site..If anyone can help pm me...thanx
  2. I got the job guys just waiting for my details..thanks to everyone for the advise and help....
  3. Did you check out helicopters canada in north bay? great school that's where i trained. good price too,great instructors..pm me if you have any questions..
  4. Thanks for all the help guys, just got an offer today and the guy was very interested and wants my resume..so thanks for everything and hope it all works out.. :up:
  5. I do understand what has to be done like i mention i have previous experience and have left home for long periods of time...i was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me out..but you guys input is a lot of help and thanks :punk: Just to mention another thing.. I have access to a lot of money for training with one catch..i have to find a company willing to hire me after my training is complete. i was looking into getting some longlining or another endorsement. so if any companys can help me out that would be great..
  6. Thanks for the help but it's kinda hard for me to do that with a wife and 2 kids living in a isolated community...i have previous work with some companies but non are hiring at the time...
  7. I have researched and had no luck..just wondered if anyone had a new lead on who would hire a guy like me...
  8. Hi all!!! Just wondering if you guys know any company's that are willing to take on low timers? I have just over 200 hrs TT 180 is on a Jetranger III. I also have access to training funds. ..so if can, please help me out guys!
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