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  1. I agree...i think Jan definitely deserves this award as pilot of the year for HAC. He gave me my endorsment in the 212 many years ago an mentored me in mediums long after that. I will never forget some of the long discussions during training where he showed time and again his wealth of knowlege in Bell mediums. He truly is one of the pioneering pilots in our industry and im sure has had a part in many careers of pilots flying today. S.D.
  2. Do you remember where in cyberspace you found the 206L3 RFM? I have been looking the last few days but cant seem to find a site to download it from.
  3. Wow!! amazing footage of a blade stike though. glad they got it on the ground safely.
  4. Was just curious what the hottest or coldest tempertures anyone has ever flown in and where they were when they did it.
  5. I did seven years with Bruce an Laura...seven great years. Flying great iron doing everything from alberta HAK, RAP an pine beetles to chasin fires in 205s an 212s from BC to ontario making great $$ year after yr. I can realistically thank Bruce for the great finacial situation im in today because of my time there. I usually dont post on these but some of the earlier posts disgust me an i felt my experience there should be heard. Cheers....
  6. Why isnt BC showing its casual hire heli's on CIFFC?
  7. wow...i usually just read an silently follow the threads on here..but that is the most well written, and moving post ive read to date....well said HV. something like this puts everything going on in our industry, and the world for that matter, into perspective as to what is really important. my deepest, more sincere sympathy to everyone involved in this terrible tragedy. S. D.
  8. Hey thanks "J" Ya...i moved on to an IFR job for the winter...sounds like it was a smart move with the current situation in the industry. happy new yr to you too. an i have another...well i wouldnt say hard job, but definitely a visual and mental excercise.....anyone whos had to drop/pick chokers on a 200ft line, from a choker float in the middle of the chuck on a flat calm day. Its like a postage stamp floating in space an very difficult to judge even if you follow the booms to it. ive seen 20000hr chinook pilots drag the hook through the water 2-3 times before getting it to the chasers
  9. Anytime im on man-up in some bug infested abandoned airstrip or field in northern alberta for days on end, i find myself being very miserable doing a job i really love. id classify that as being a hard part of the job. (think staying at haig base east of manning...daybasing at keg river airstrip with a crew of type II's for days an days). an ya....sittin at base on a RAP machine doing IA while everyone else is in an out for fuel all day on there way to an 8hr day is not to much fun either. but its funny how one amazing day of flying, an all those "hard" days, suddenly become worth it in t
  10. ill open a new can of worms for the pilots readin this post....how bout long lines .....i know ive had a few "almosts" i started wrapping the long line around the cyclic in the 500 when ever i shut down briefly. our company had a pilot liftoff in the oilpatch years ago in a r44....longline still on...he was going so fast by the time it hit its 150ft length, it ripped the hook out of the belly.(the other end became snagged on a pipe line.) an someone mentioned the s76 without a tailroter....it actually wasnt started but the captain was about to hit the starter. as for the blades being tied d
  11. yuk!! is it me? or is it raining from halifax to vancouver in this vast country of ours? had a nice little go in alberta in the middle of may....but then it started raining an hasnt seemed to have stopped since. dont get me wrong, i like discovery channel, but this is getting to be a bit much.(oilers playoff run has been a nice distraction) anyone havin a little more luck then me? or is our firefighting fleet just a pride of lions, laying around the country waiting to "pounce" on whatever comes our way.
  12. Bill goddard, dave ferguson and uisdean ross.....VIH 97/98 i hear bill an dave finally moved on from there....they were fixtures around there. good instructers....an good people too.
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