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  1. Hmmm ,something reeks of age discrimination haha :up:
  2. law1


    Ahh without the pricks in the world the rest of us would not look so nice!!!!! You caught me I'm not an ame I'm a Lic. aircraft mechanic ! Do you Eng. parts for aircraft ? If not ,your not an engineer and more so were not even considered a trade ouch . Best of luck in your future being a lover of dogs behinds !!!!11 [/color]
  3. law1


    Thank you ,your info helped imensly in my trouble shooting .
  4. law1


    I am really sick of the people jumping in with non constuctive coments JEEEZ. Just for your Pee Brain info I WAS NOT ABOUT TO MAKE MY OWN LINES THX , I WANT TO KNOW BECAUSE I THINK THAT IS WHAT SOMEONE ELSE MAY HAVE DONE. So please start your own thread and do your whinning there THX.
  5. law1


    Thanks for the response to my question with out being a smrtA . I do have the part # 369A8030-505 ,but what I am need of inlighting of is if this a rigid line of not? The pt# does not tell me what it is made of ,and I do not have it avail. @ this time .Thx
  6. law1


    Thanks all for your great insight to the world of helicopter maint. and how smart ya all are . The parts book does not tell me what the material the line is made of .
  7. law1


    would someone know the proper type of tubing for the wet line going too torque gauge on instument panel ? Currently there is the same line used for pitot and static lines installed.
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