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  1. neil, that does sound like black magic. here is picture of our latest stc project, dual fwd mounts for the 350/355 series. also getting ready to fly our EC-120 nose mount. cal
  2. neil, those are our stepmounts. i believe the sx-16 is just not installed at the time the picture was taken. as for the mission pods from EC UK, most of those are now phased out in favor of our stepmount. we have about 9 a/c in UK LE with the steps installed cal
  3. i have 2 extra rooms at the courtyard marriot international drive, they are available if anyone wants them thanks cal 604 644 1125
  4. check this out! http://www.pelican.com/cases_detail.php?Case=0450
  5. wise words invisible. also make sure the helicopter you want has the stc mods available to carry the gear.....
  6. bring on the killer egg, the MELB was the right choice in the first place!
  7. to all, make no mistake, you can get VERY messed up by inflating floats. trust me on this as i have personally installed many "first article" installs for apical, test inflations and test flights and have blown myself clear across the hanger, fortunetly i hit nothing solid. my office is in there building and around here we take float inflation testing with extreme caution. be very careful around floats and always check the tension of the float bottle straps, cable slack (if mechanical) and binding on the release mechanism. in the shop, PIN the bottles, everytime! btw, packing floats su
  8. being a stones fan myself, always liked this one
  9. browntool, minipalm with rohr speed chuck, nuf said
  10. save your time and money, genuine aircraft, is an excellent resource
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