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  1. Thanks to everyone that replied or PMed, I got some good information, now to put it to use Sven what do you mean by "fits my size better"? I am 6'2" and about 180 - 185 lbs, that's not a problem right?
  2. Thanks Skidz, I've been in touch with them and they do seem good, but they don't cater for people who can only train on a part-time basis. Thanks though.
  3. Thanks Ryan, but Gateway is a bit far away from me, I live in downtown Toronto. Also I am planning on getting my license on a part time basis, as I need the money I earn in IT to pay for my training. (p.s. I loved reading your thread covering your training Ryan, it was a really entertaining read, and inspires me even more to reach my goal of becoming a heli-pilot)
  4. Hi all, Do any of you have any information/opinions on either of the these two schools in Ontario, just north of Toronto? I have been in touch with both but would like to see what some of you guys in the industry think. 1. http://www.silverlineheli.com/default2.asp 2. http://www.nationalhelicopters.com/ Thanks for any information/opinions/ or even advice you might be able to give me.
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