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  1. I was sent out into the mountains the first time to move a drill. It was pretty scary at times. I do however have one strong recomendation. Know your performance charts. If your a/c can do them, live by them. I always gave myself a little cushion as well. I think that is why I made it through without a course or any experience in the mountains before. Stewart is beautiful in the Fall! Koala
  2. I have worked all over Canada and have rarely had a firearm in my a/c. I have wished for it on at least one occasion. I know of 4 bear maulings, 1 in Yukon by Grissly and 3 blacks in Northern provinces, all while working in remote locations. I have been charged by a wolverine and have a buddy who was out for a walk in the high arctic and ended up shooting a couple of wolves from 5 feet before the rest of the pack decided to bug out. I have talked to a number of CO's about handgun use for animal defense and the minimum recommendation is a 40 cal. I know of one guy that used a 45 to take
  3. Hey guys, Sorry about the lack of FM. I have tried shrinking it and sending it via two emails types, but no luck. Anyone else have any idea how to send them? koala
  4. I have two L manuals. 206 L and 206 L1 with C30. PM me if you need them still. koala
  5. I agree with the dry droop stop ring. I have had this in the past a number of times. The dash shake definitely sounds like you need some balancing work done. koala
  6. Thanks for the good reminder. I know I have flown a/c in the past that I shouldn't have and I got away with it. I sure hope this isn't an indication of where my company is headed. I have worked with other companies that played the extension game and it was pretty messed up and I think in the long run it cost them more on Overhauls anyways. I know it is tough times but as stated, it is my butt in the seat. koala
  7. Thanks guys and good advice. I am pretty confident that the a/c isn't going to fall out of the sky. The idea of using an extension for a finacial rather than operational considerations would be the gray area I guess. From my position, this would be hard to tell. koala
  8. The liability issue is the big issue for me. I don't want to take an a/c that is on extension, when the extension was granted to allow the a/c to return to base, if this is an issue of airworthiness. I don't think the a/c is going to fall out of the sky, although it does make me somewhat nervous. koala
  9. Just curious if anyone knows the legal reasons for the extension of aircraft compents? What is the purpose of extensions? Can I just fly an aircraft to a job that has been sitting on extension at a base, but not done? I was under the impression it was for the purpose of getting an aircraft back to a place to service the a/c. Am I wrong or can it be used for more than just operational convience? I have searched on line and through manuals without any info on this matter from a pilots perspective. koala
  10. Interesting: At 4000' @30 deg. L4 useful OGE is 1850 while B2 is 2000lbs. But at 6000'@30 degs, the L4 pulls ahead with a useful load of 1700lbs verus the B2 at only 1600. I know the B2 charts are pretty accurate and use them up to 8000' regularily, how accurate are these figures for the L4? Koala
  11. We operate a number of B2's and as stated they are limited as soon as OAT goes up or altitude goes up. I normally fly the B2 at 4000+ feet and in the summer, you can't lift max external at this altitude. For an idea here are a few numbers for OGE at alt for the B2. 4000' @ 20 oat approx. 5200 (max external is upto 5500 lbs) 5000' @ 20 oat approx. 5050 6000' @ 20 oat approx. 4850 (max internal is 4960 lbs) 4000' @ 30 oat approx. 4950 5000' @ 30 oat approx. 4700 6000' @ 30 oat approx. 4550 our B2's average around 2950lbs without a basket on them. In the summer we offt
  12. I have been involved in SMS directly from the management side as well as seen a couple companies struggling to implement it. Yes it is becoming more and more of a requirement from customers and for insurance purposes. So far I have seen it more and more as a paperwork exercise that is overwhelming small to medium sized helicopter companies. There is the constant request for reporting, but no money to truly back anything up. Much of this industry is struggling due to poor economic conditions. Some are even struggling to keep up the cost of the paper work let alone truely implementing an e
  13. Sadly enough, although most might see the helicopter or fixed wing world as a Professional occupation, I don't see it. In 14 years of flying helicopters, a Dad with 30K+ hours with the airforce and commercial airliners and a brother now working through the ranks of the Canadian commercial world, it isn't as common as one might expect. We train pilots, then when they get hired, the status quo starts. We sell a/c for jobs they shouldn't do. We tell pilots they need to go. We watch year after year as people die as we cut corners to increase profit. It doesn't matter if it is a one helicopt
  14. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family's involved and those at Essential as they struggle through this great tragedy. Steven
  15. Have seen and helped repair a couple of chin bubbles from GPS's going through the window. Have also seen a 50 gal water drum fall from about 500 feet. Made a cool sploosh when it hit the ground. koala
  16. In every single company I have worked for, the OPS manual provides for Hot Refueling. There must be a time and place for it. Used it last summer when there was 20+ heli's refueling at the same spot, use it on seismic and exploration, but the ops manuals all require pilot at the controls. Everybody has their opinions though. In regards to the AStar cap, we have a couple that have the key attached just above the cap in the transmission area on a steel recoiling belt loop. Works awesome. Never loose the key and will hold the cap in most fuel nozzles so you can watch the guage(another
  17. Was out Monday bucketing on a fire in Central AB. It was as dry as a popcorn fart out there. But like what has been said, it could rain or not. Koala
  18. No Kiding, 13 years in the helicopter industry and I still can't say I have achieved that. One question I would like to know is as a pilot if my duty day is 14 hours is not my working hours the same? If I fly only 2 hours, but sit out in the field all day moving my customers every couple of hours, is my actual working day not the same as my duty day? koala
  19. I know of at least two people (one bird strike and one crash) that survived the incident because of there helmet. Both cases the helmet were completely destroyed but both walked away. I have seen the damage a bird does and I wouldn't want to have any size bird hit me in the head at any speed. That being said I use a Gallet LH 250. Yellow outside and smoke inside. I find the yellow awesome in low/flat light situations. I also like the low profile of the Gallet. Lowers the C of G round the base of the neck in stead of the top of your head. It is hot, but find it workable. It is al
  20. I can't say for other companies, but I haven't seen our company hiring any. I think that our company has even been slow to hire higher time guys to see how the summer is going to pan out. With the economic down turn, there will be a natural propensity to wait to the last minute to hire guys. This of course will mean harder times for low time guys. That being said, I wish our company would hire a couple of low time guys Keep at it if you truely want into this crazy industry. After the last few years I have wondered why I am still in it. Seems like I am finding more and more experienc
  21. I know of at least one operator that's L-3 wasn't hired because it was too small for SRD. THat extra couple of hundred pounds might make the difference for them. It will allow them to take 4 guys and gear instead of three and gear. It would make it closer to a B2 as far as a intermediate goes. koala
  22. I love the 407 and even if they don't increase the internal or external limits with the Eagle mod, it will make the a/c so much more usefull in the mountains in the summer. As it is right now, you can't use it's weight capacity in the heat of the summer and at high alt. It would be like the D2 mod on the astar. It would make a good helicopter better and more usefull. koala
  23. The C-30 is a nice upgrade in the L-1, but never really let you use the extra power. With this mod it should be good. L-4's are nice and this will be a good mod for those that have the C-30 already in their L-1's koala
  24. I have two things to add to this consideration. Firstly, ASRD gets there summer rate from us the operators. If you think it is too low for your machine it is because there are companies out there that are putting there a/c out the door on a casual hire rate lower than yours. ASRD takes a survey of published rates from my company and yours then averages them out. Our published rates are almost bang on with their casual hire rates. If it is an average obviously there will be higher rates and lower rates from companies. This brings me to my second point. If companies didn't low bal
  25. Strangely enough, I thought the same thing as sling. LOTS OF PLACES TO LAND in almost any city that I have flown over, parking lots, roads, parks, etc. Doesn't say how far he was from the airport though. Many contributing factors here that may not be easily seen, including the public view that the police helicopter had a malfunction! Also, maybe the flight manual suggest differently than land immediately. I know the AS 350B2 has some strange things for there t/r gearbox, maybe the EC 120 has a different situation for eng. Chip than is normal. I am glad no one got hurt. Hope the
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