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  1. Get a new CAP GEN. There has been quite a few changes over the last couple of years and a lot more recently. Pay attention to every section that has the word helicopter in it. It IS a helicopter exam so anything to do with alternate min's or approach bans will be helicopter specific. ie: no sliding rule. Lots of GPS questions in there. Mine had about 7. Get a current AIM. Sit the aerocourse.
  2. We have HTWAS in the GX and it has to be disabled before every flight or it screams in your ears continuously.
  3. My thoughts are with all my friends there. Hang in there guys.
  4. Who ran the course and how was it? Is there any talk of more?
  5. Let me guess, you work at Eurocopter? And you've been banned from this forum SEVERAL times? JG? (or GG?)
  6. Let me guess... You're the Ninja who works security at the Mall. Can someone please point me towards the 'ignore' feature.
  7. Maybe they're desperate? In difficult situations, some people run towards the danger, while others run away.
  8. Agreed. CBC Here and Now played it on TV right after it was released and neglected to inform the family. I'd expect that from Fox News, not the CBC. There was quite an uproar about that.
  9. What CBC played, was a portion of the ATC transmissions. Nothing from the CVR has been released. Has anyone read this? Ken Armstrong Article
  10. I’m not sure if anyone here noticed or not, but the TSB final report for Cougar 491 has been released. I’m still reading it. Slowly. It’s difficult. Some of the media reports are even harder to read, especially the comments from the ignorant, uninformed, anonymous posters. I’m not sure why our media encourages mass feedback and opinion as I personally find the ignorance repulsive. Matt Davis and Tim Lanouette were faced with an impossible, lose-lose situation. I have the utmost respect for both of them. May they rest in peace. I feel sorry for the all families involved, especially tho
  11. Be honest and up front. They're not out to get you... but they will if you were in the wrong. Good Luck
  12. I can't agree with you guys on the costs of living here compared to Southern Ontario. Sure, in a lot of places here in NL, the housing isn't as expensive. In St. John's however, the prices are, for a lack of a better word, insane. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't Vancouver, but when I left NL 10 years ago, a 3 bedroom house was selling for about $125k. That same house now is closer to $320k. At that price, you aren't saving much compared to the housing in and around London ON. As for the rest of your day to day living expenses, gasoline is $1.10/L. You have to heat your house here for 1
  13. Yup. It was small point n shoot in a Lowe Pro case and it landed in a soft spot. (Years ago, I dropped a SLR off of a cliff. I watched it drop 40' then bounce off a grassy ledge and disappear outta sight. We found it about 300' feet down from where I dropped it and only the $12 filter was broken. Lowe Pro - worth the money.)
  14. Pentax Optio 30 in a cutblock. 3 people, 3 hours of non-spray weather, a garmin 195 and we had it back.
  15. Flapping down increases the angle of attack - not the pitch angle. Flapping up - opposite.
  16. Since converting back to an older version of Mapsource, I've had to use two programs. DNR Garmin converts the shp's to gpx files, then gpsbabel converts the gpx to mps and finally, mapsource uploads the shapes as tracks into the 296. I guess thats three programs. Its a very bastardized way of doing it and so far, I don't recommend it.
  17. I think the critical wind azimuth only applies to the hover performance charts. You don't have to avoid hovering with wind in that area, but you have to avoid the shaded area on the hover performance charts if the wind direction coincides with the shaded area on the CWA. The critical wind azimuth is part of the performance charts and isn't meant to have anything to do with LTE. I don't think the AFM addresses LTE, but I hear what you're saying. I'd rather a cross wind from the right rather than the left. Less wrestling.
  18. Thanks. I've managed to convert .shp's to Garmin's .gpx and upload them to the 296. It kind of works. I don't think the 296 is meant to deal with .shp's like other Garmins. The 296 converts them to tracks but will only hold 15. I need over 80. I might see if I can route the GPS receiver info into the laptop and just use Arcview or Map Source for mapping. A few more hours and it'll be cheaper to get a 96. YTS.. The MayTag.. Good times. :bleh:
  19. Does anyone here have any experience uploading .SHP files into a Garmin 296? And speaking of the 296, anyone ever have it reset itself during flight? I'm on my second one and they both do it.
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