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  1. Hearing that Whitney isn't making their payroll for about 2 pay periods now and that the staff are looking for job elsewhere. Any info?
  2. has anybody heard of a VIH 206 crashing, in or around Fort st John area?
  3. The truth as you see it, let us not forget that. It is your PERSONAL opinion and only that. I have not looked at the HAC site so I can not speak to that. But if you are going to dish it out then you had better learn to take it. Just my thoughts.
  4. I find it funny that you can slam other people in the Bailey Heli sold thread but are out raged that some one might speak out against you. Cheers
  5. Has anyone heard anything about Black Tusk ??? heard they lost a 214. Would appreciate any info.
  6. Heli transport is what I heard. No one hurt. White Out.
  7. as the topic is called movin on!!! why doesn't this thread do the same. Move on to something that matters.Like where the best cold beer and wings are in this country . NOW THAT MATTERS.
  8. Move on people. If you don't work there why would you care and if you do work there and don't like it then leave. If you do work there and like it good for you. sounds like some people are not happy unless they are putting others down. Never say never cause you never know who you may work for. I for one don't like to burn a bridge.
  9. Any body seeing any fire action yet ?? How 's it looking in your neck of the woods?
  10. Northern Lights in Dawson Creek B.C. has an excellent program. Andy Cole is the man to talk to.
  11. 269

    New School?

    Well good luck to you, sounds like you know it all already. Don't know to many places where the coffee isn't on all the time. any one who goes to flight school just to get a lic. shouldn't go to any school. Maybe you should go to some of the other flight schools like maybe Great Slave they also have the coffee on and teach you to be a pilot in a 206.
  12. helloooooo where is Brian J ???? Maybe this will be brought up at the HAC convention!!!!! Yeah let everyone who goes to the HAC convention stand up and ask mr. jenner were he stands on this issue. Lets hear from the man himself. Please Brian fill us with your wisdom :shock:
  13. 269

    New School?

    ENOUGH about your self ROB !!! I wonder who are you trying to convince us or yourself !!!!!!! If your school is soooooo great then your students will speak for you with their preformance in the industry. Why don't you try putting an ad in VERTICAL and let this topic go!!!!!
  14. HAC (hahaha) if you are not logging or sking or one of the big boys they could give a sh*t about you. BJ is to busy at wine and cheese parties. HAC (hahaha) if you are not logging or sking or one of the big boys they could give a sh*t about you. BJ is to busy at wine and cheese parties.
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