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  1. Let`s hope he had a problem and is waiting somewhere to be picked up this link i found matches the above description of the missing ship
  2. Thats terrible news, my condolences to everyone involved, and flash what the **** kinda comment is that, you wonder how it will affect minimums for low timers due to insurance, you dont even know what caused the accident.....the last thing you should be thinking from this accident is that
  3. something like the tq snag, i had this one on a L3, when you turn hydraulics on the tranny temp goes up and stays there, when you turn hyd off the tranny goes to normal temp, musta been a wire, a/c actually went away so i never ended up getting a chance to figure it out...
  4. first thing i noticed other than standing outa the machine was the start kinda hung there for quite a while, time for a new fcu or some adjustments
  5. what are people getting for flight pay? bell mediums? lights 206/500? a-stars?? and how bout 206L same as a 206B3?? lets here some numbers $$
  6. get the CARs for the ame book from aviation world, study it, memorize stuff, do the practice tests in the back and you shouldnt have a problem, it worked for me.......i dont know about correspondance schooling, but with schooling such as northern lights, bcit etc. all you have to do is write CARs cause all the other tests are incorporated into the tests at school, good luck


    i'm due to write CARs in march and my logbook is already approved, has anyone written cars lately? i've been studying cars for the ame fifth edition. Is their any other stuff i should be studying?....any info is apprechiated
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