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  1. Thanks for all the info Bif and Sven. Called PPIP today and got a quote (you only need CPL, not ATPL as was mentioned in an earlier thread) and will follow up with a couple of other companies like Sunlife etc.
  2. Hello, I'm a CPL(H) but only flying recreationally on an occasional basis. Can anyone recommend a good place to get competitive life insurance that covers flying? My current (non flying) work life insurance does not cover being either PIC or under instruction unfortunately. Thanks in advance for any leads Scotty J
  3. Found this on one of the competitions forums. One lucky guy....... The following is on the NZCAA website: 27-Jul-2009 HRM Aerospatiale AS 350B2 60269 The Helicopter Line Ltd Harris Mountains "A guide was struck on top of the head by a rotor blade of a landing helicopter. The guide was struck at the very top of his head sufficient to remove a section of his hat, raise a low welt about 25mm in diameter on his skull and only just break the skin." Lucky boy indeed
  4. There's never a good time to go but that timing is awful. Truly feel for the family. Condolences.
  5. The BBC is now reporting at least 8 dead and the remainder still un-accounted for. This is terrible news following on from the tragedy on our own East coast. Thoughts to all those involved in Scotland.
  6. I believe you don't qualify for a J1 visa if you are already certified as a commercial pilot? I think the visa's intent is for training and then work as a flight instructor. I could be wrong - maybe going into train for CFi is enough. I seem to remember reading 70hrs somewhere as a limit for applying.
  7. Sounds like a h*ll of a good way to spend a few hours. Good stuff and congrats on the flight test
  8. Is the no downwind training only at Bristow or is that an American/FAA thing? i.e wherever you go in the states.
  9. Nice stuff Daz - enjoying it all. Keep it coming.....
  10. Bags, the one with the 3 women is a National Geo quality shot - awesome!
  11. Nice pics - I'm physced just looking at them. Good luck with the flight test etc.
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