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  1. I just checked Ebay.ca, I guess inflation has hit everything! ace mccool book by capt. j r demerais: Search Result | eBay
  2. I think you might be referring to this guy. If I remember right, there was always a short story included about his escapades, and then when they ran out of stories, they produced this book. This copy has lived with me for probably 40 years now!
  3. OK, I'll Bite. In 1984 I was working my 4th year in the industry, and was with a small operator out of Buffalo Narrows, called Western Helicopters. The company and owner are no longer with us, so I don't mind naming names in this case. It was my second season with them, flying a FH1100, for those of you who don't know, the FH1100 was the third aircraft submitted to the US military for the LOH ( light observation heli. ) contract, won by the Hughes 500. Sask. was burning, and we were flying very long days, up at 6:00, lifting off at 6:30, flying down to Isle La Cross, to pick u
  4. Yes, very nice, sometimes it's the little acts of kindness that end up meaning the most. I hope it keeps you smiling for a good long time, and kudos to the company.
  5. The camaraderie of fellow aircrew. The sound of a Bell Medium on a cold winter day Heli-skiing. The gentle kiss of the landing gear on a steel deck when the A/C settles without any collective input. Taking off, fully loaded, on a 40'+ day and finessing everything just right, so as to not drag the skids once. Night Rig Landings. The smell and looks of a well used cockpit. The awe and wide eyed amazement of a first time passenger. Many others too long to list.
  6. Alberta Forest Service, or whatever they are calling themselves this week. Day basing. Averaged Mins. Non Precision Approaches. Dunker training. Non Revenue repositioning flights. Paper maps. My old Gentex SPH-5 helmet. Black flies chewing me under the ear cups of my SPH-5 helmet. Anything that contains Deet. Warm Kool Aid, because the overhead crew took all the cold soft drinks. Trying to get some sleep at 3:00 am when the sun is still shining, heating up the tent like a sauna. Still too much to list!
  7. Yup, a blue bird day heli skiing beats all!
  8. Yeah, I vaguely remember something like that. I was on RGA, a 204 all summer in 89 floating up and down the McKenzie on NWT fires, and in 90 I was on 204 VEX, in Inuvik, doing the North Warning System decommissioning,, 212 AHD, in Ab. on fires, and then again on VEX I did the great Canadian Race from Inuvik to Geraldton for fires all of Aug. It was from May to end of July 1991, we were on the powerline, an interesting note, I logged 4 days where I flew more than 11 hours in a single day. Then I ended the summer on a 212 HVH, once again doing the Great Can. Race from Ft. Smith to Dr
  9. In 1989 or 1990, I can not remember, but we were building a power line in Sask., near La Ronge, over the rocky Canadian Shield type ground, and I was on a 206. We were flying long hours, doing lot's and lot's of hovering at 100 ft plus, dropping guys on platforms at the top of the towers, short lining, nuts and bolts. long lining cables onto pully's, you get the picture. I was about half way through my morning, and came in for fuel, being alone, I chose to hot refuel. So I am standing there with the hose in the aircraft, and look through the cowling, and see fuel coming out of the fu
  10. Many do not think so, up over 30% since my post, and a blowout 1/4 with a doubling of revenue forecast for next year, moon shot or ?
  11. I know a lot of you are sitting around the proverbial pot belly stove, drinking a hot choccie,, reliving the last fire season, and hoping for another repeat, or bending wrenches in the cold dark hangar, trying to fix what was broke this last summer, so, to take your mind off on a completely different tangent, let's watch this one. This was brought to my attention a couple of days ago, and it is on fire, Centrus Eneregy, LEU.NYSE, is a small U.S. company that enriches uranium and has caught the attention of a few investors, no not investors, speculators, because this thing is going up li
  12. Or, you could try self medicating! Calls to Alberta’s poison-control centre spike as anti-parasitic drug pushed for COVID-19 treatment - The Globe and Mail
  13. Personally, I may be a loser, but I check in about 2-3 times a day on this forum, mainly because that's how often I run through my online media and investment sites. I like this forum, mainly because as a retired pilot I have very little contact with others from the industry, and I miss the contact. Articles like Bladestrike's ferry trip make up for all the nasty, stupid, and outrageous posts the idiots make on here, and I for one would not like to miss another quality piece like that. Lastly, as I get on in years, as sad as it is, I do appreciate hearing about fellow aviator
  14. Emergency crews attend helicopter crash on Bowen Island | Vancouver Sun
  15. Ok, first off, I am a Pilot, so anything I write here is second hand, but if you want nasty engineering stories, after a lot of internal debate, I believe this site can handle this storey. Way back, when Associated was taken over by Okanagan, we had a contract with the U.S. Navy, to supply a IFR equipped 212, to the Eastern Artic, for 2-3 months in the depths of winter. Being a newly minted 212 pilot at the time, I thought, Oh Wow, what an adventure, 212, Eastern Artic, Hush Hush operations out on the ice in mid winter. So, I'm describing my enthusiasm about this contract to an eng
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