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  1. Or, you could try self medicating! Calls to Alberta’s poison-control centre spike as anti-parasitic drug pushed for COVID-19 treatment - The Globe and Mail
  2. Personally, I may be a loser, but I check in about 2-3 times a day on this forum, mainly because that's how often I run through my online media and investment sites. I like this forum, mainly because as a retired pilot I have very little contact with others from the industry, and I miss the contact. Articles like Bladestrike's ferry trip make up for all the nasty, stupid, and outrageous posts the idiots make on here, and I for one would not like to miss another quality piece like that. Lastly, as I get on in years, as sad as it is, I do appreciate hearing about fellow aviator
  3. Emergency crews attend helicopter crash on Bowen Island | Vancouver Sun
  4. Ok, first off, I am a Pilot, so anything I write here is second hand, but if you want nasty engineering stories, after a lot of internal debate, I believe this site can handle this storey. Way back, when Associated was taken over by Okanagan, we had a contract with the U.S. Navy, to supply a IFR equipped 212, to the Eastern Artic, for 2-3 months in the depths of winter. Being a newly minted 212 pilot at the time, I thought, Oh Wow, what an adventure, 212, Eastern Artic, Hush Hush operations out on the ice in mid winter. So, I'm describing my enthusiasm about this contract to an eng
  5. Mike changed his name to Korey, did not the ribbing he got from having it Korney. Mike went from Doha to Abu Dhabi Aviation, under Cal, and then followed Cal to Falcon Aviation. There is a you tube video, or was, if you google Mike Korey of him doing a A/C lift in the sandbox somewhere, probably in Abu Dhabi. I don't know where Mike is at the moment, I do know he had some very close friends near Saskatoon, Melfort Sask. rings the old bell for some reason, and would bet he is probably there, playing old timers hockey with a beer league, at least I hope so, he was a character.
  6. Mike Korey, with Midwest. Spent two summers with him in Buffalo Narrows with Western, and then some time with him in Doha, Qatar. Not only a NHL enforcer for a short time, pretty wicked with the martial arts.
  7. I worked for both Abu Dhabi Aviation and Gulf Helicopters in Qatar, a few years ago, and both accepted Canadian ATPL's with no problems. My suggestion would be to contact these companies directly, via Chief Pilot or such and ask your questions directly, that way you get your most accurate answer. Best of luck.
  8. Western, Buffalo Narrows, Turbo-West, Calgary, Can-West, Calgary, Shunda, Rocky Mtn. House, Long Beach Heli. Tofino, Can-Arc Langley, Terr-Air Rotary, Lac La Biche, Alpen Heli., Langley, Nahanni Heli, Boundary Bay, MacMillan Bloedel Flight Dept., Canfor Flight Dept., Finning Flight Dept., Forest Industries Flying Tankers Flight Dept.,, Alberta Government Flight Dept., Nova Flight Dept., Dome Petroleum Flight Dept., Trans Mtn. Flight Dept.
  9. Yup, last time I got a per diem in Canada was in 1993, and it was $46.00 / day, $50.00 / day in the NWT, and then I went offshore IFR, to where we were treated like GODS! Glad I moved on and have never looked back!
  10. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/campbell-river-helicopter-crash-1.5295775 RIP
  11. Reminds me of a Air Transat pilot from a few years ago, oh, did I say that !
  12. Too much single malt, this should have been separated from 2007's quote. Multiple's of six figures are been pretty common here, maybe your working the wrong street corner.
  13. I am not 100% sure, but I believe one of the pilots was Jim Anderson, aka Dev, aka Spike. Rumor had it, the lift took a lot longer than anticipated, and the flight back and landing was done on one engine to conserve skant fuel. It's the internet after all, gota love rumors.
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