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  1. There a lot of insights and perspectives in this thread including the initial alphadog post which is a thorough descriptor of a potential pay schedule. I agree with many of the opinions and particularly that this is an age old discussion topic! But honestly I haven't read any well defined proactive suggestions for resolution. Broken promises do happen, inequitable work distribution is a reality, people stepping on others to get to the top, I've seen it happen. But to think that a union, "standing up for ourselves" is going to force companies to change their business philosophy and get in l
  2. Popping in now and again like you AR but this is a very interesting thread. Good comments from all and maybe, just maybe something constructive could come from this discussion. After all the agencies and customers read this as well. So an objective Q&A format might be worth a shot: - what you are talking about is called a safety standdown, AR... and you are right... after the slave lake fatality, it should have taken place immediately - I totally agree as well. Has ASRD been officially advised of this? To what degree should it be taken...incident stress counselling? At the very least a
  3. HV thanks for the comprehensive discussion. Agree the GPE system would be innaccurate across a number of mission profiles within our VFR industry. Particularly repetitive lift long-line work including firefighting. A realistic matrix would have to recognize the exposure periods where an extra engine and pilot would equate to additional weight at the point of impact. (and no the world is not about to go CAT A for all external load work) But it does bring out a devil's advocate question regarding your earlier statement: "The reason why you need to drive this from the client side is simp
  4. Jamhands I think you're onto something. If HAC needs some ammunition directly from pilots a relatively simple poll may help them. However it would have to be validated so this anonymous site would not facilitate it. The HAC site could conduct a credible electronic poll if pilots were prepared to identify themselves by license number. The cautions to this avenue will include the fact that it will not "be" through a unified voice but could ultimately "result" with a majority opinion which may stand as a unified position. Pilots will have to 1) take part willingly and 2) be prepared to live with
  5. Are you facing this 12 hour day moving diamond drills as well? Or is this primarily oil and gas?
  6. A quick question Hiller. Is this 2 pilot/12 hour duty day prevalent in the mining sector? If it does progress that way one can only assume the experienced pilots will bail out of that market.
  7. Mike, Rarely a poster but wanted to weigh in with support for your position. I was following this thread as there were interesting views and thoughts. But from a high level the content responsibility does in fact rest with you. The buck stops on your desk. I don't believe you have capitulated to any outside economic leverage. I do believe you have both a legal and moral obligation in how this site is conducted. Due diligence and perception are huge legal terms these days but more importantly, (in a worst case scenario) even a remote chance of having a family member question the informati
  8. This thread just reminded me of a "gear" experience that I thought was funny in hindsight (aren't they always?) Asked to pick up a 61 from the port of Houston and ferry to Washington State, I was to meet up with a US co-pilot on site. The machine had been sold from S Africa and shipped over, not a lot of detail was known about the maintenance status or what was done to the machine for shipping. We launched after running tests on the machine, and after a while enroute (getting to know the avionics package) selected gear up. Co-pilot reported gear up visual, my side not and the lights correspo
  9. As one that rarely posts but follows this forum with a keen interest of industry developments, I have to express a significant disappointment with this thread. HEPAC obviously did not come out of the gate with flying colours (per all the previous threads) but the concept and potential mandate was, in my opinion, something that had merit and substance. Clearly the foreign worker issue is something that irks many on this forum and HEPAC could address this on behalf of the membership through regulatory lobbying of HRSDC but if the core element is to give the operators what they need in their
  10. Sling I don't know you at all but sincere congratulations. Your post takes me back...ummm...ok 29 years now to my first job and yes, of course it was a tent camp. And a very wet one!!! We all make mistakes, we all have to start somewhere so don't try to come off as the pro...they will understand and be more helpful. All the previous posts have good info, all I would add is to take your smile. If you get along with people in a camp setting you will do just fine and will learn a ton! Be yourself as your enthusiasm will take you a lot further than your experience level and every day will be an
  11. Absolutely.....the scum thing is both a put down and unprofessional at best. Short term hires, turnkey,PBH, call it what you want it fills a gap for both the workforce and the employers. Most employers want continuity and a known quantity that is being put front and centre in front of the customer and that means full time. But there is a threshold where they also need a skill set for a short term contract which does not equate to a f/t position nor is it an opportunity to bring up a low timer. So there is a fit and Happy, you do have it wrong. Employers are not out seeking the first chance to
  12. As a public company they are legally bound to publish their financials. A read through their website financials, and particularly their management comments section will provide a thorough (and unfortunately somewhat queasy) snapshot of the entire situation at DA. You should be well educated to formulate an opinion after that.
  13. Well Sherpa, actually no-one told me that bs.....I actually hire low timers now and those that I can't I share their names with industry friends that own companies...based on those very merits. And if you think a good employer is going to stick someone out in the field simply because they have the right numbers....well you work with the companies you want and I will mine. I know it is a challenge and never should anyone sign on for years of gruntwork, however even though initial training is expensive it just isn't all inclusive and doesn't prepare an individual for the real world. And whi
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