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  1. Just to check, I think you might be talking about CHC, not HNZ.
  2. Swamp76


    Hey guys, any update on providers for a CASO? Preferably Atlantic Canada. Thank you for the help
  3. What kind of sim? Curious, sounds like a progressive investment
  4. Agreed. One of the most recognized and easiest to maintain licences for international folks. I'll be getting it for just that reason. And yes, the jobs are out there.
  5. I have to laugh. I saw a reprint of this ad elsewhere and applied before even seeing this thread. Yes, I lack the 135 time (but nothing else), and am a Canadian too. I fail to see what got Gilles so riled up. I too can go off half-cocked: Ask all the questions you want but don't try to make our industry like yours!! I thought the rotation was perfect, not sure why guys are complaining. I'd love 3/3. Complaints about wages, I don't see anything in the ad?? Is it just an assumption or does everybody on here have inside knowledge??? As far as being necessary, they clearly look like the
  6. OK, my votes are there, but like all these 'polls' the questions are biased. I do NOT think these umbrella organizations are a good thing. Helicopters are used in a huge range of industries and operations. Any 'one size fits all' solution is doomed to failure and the attempts to create a complex system will collapse under the competing egos, personalities and complexities. So A. I do not feel I need or want representation like this, but B. if it is forced upon me I will get involved because the risk to my livelihood by not getting involved is too high. The 'agenda' touted often on
  7. I think I can just barely see left field from here. Wow
  8. http://forums.verticalmag.com/index.php?showtopic=21630 This topic about depression isn't all that old. HV, I could have used one of those a couple nights ago :-(
  9. Like everything else involving TC, the CAME winds up having a lot of judgement, in addition to the 'rules' as published as to what is acceptable or not. Having had my share of medical issues in the past (amputation, PTSD, broken bones, arthritis, assorted tropical diseases, and so on) I was made keenly aware that everything you say to a medical 'professional' can impact your ability to feed your family. I was fortunate way back then to be employed with very good benefits. As a contractor things would have been much worse. The reality is that angst over confiding to the doctors is a r
  10. I almost hate to add to this negativity-fest, but what the he11. 1. Advice I have given before: Know your job, and do it well. Do not spend every day trying to do the next job in your career plan. It will come if today's job gets done well. If you are a 100-hr pilot waiting to fly, don't tell everyone every day how bad you want to fly. They know. Just do your work well. 2. Best advice I've received but seem unable to ever follow myself: Head down, a$$ up, graze in the middle of the herd! Good luck
  11. My apologies Whitestone. I obviously don't know you, and didn't take the time to hunt around in the threads to be sure. Agreed Skidz. Too many people yell safety when pushing for something just to have their idea heard.
  12. Rewriting the rules for the lowest common denominator is what is wrong not just with government, but this industry and our whole society. As was said before, no matter what the rules are at some point a pilot will have to learn how to man up and say no. Does anyone think that rewriting the rules to protect them from this is a solution? As others have said, without a direct connection between accidents/incidents and fatigue, a drastic rewrite of the rules in such a draconian manner is not appropriate. For example: 1200 annual down to 1000 annual is ok because nobody flies that much.
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