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    Get em both! Depending on where you live it opens up more job opportunities. But remember to do the work you should be able to back up what your doing with experience. If you work in a shop with avionics and/or structures get some experience with these guys and get the signatures in your log book regardless if you are already licensed.
  2. Ditto on the tanis heaters. Worth the investment.
  3. AON insurance was able to get an insurance quote for a contract aviation buisiness. What was recommended is two types of insurance, one called product insurance (protects you if there is liability claims against you after an incident/accident much like errors and ommision insurance), the second is called premise insurance (this would help cover you if you damage something or injure someone in the hanger or place of work). This insurance is not cheap but it is available.
  4. I am still working on it as I firm up some answers I will fill those who are interested in. It is tough to find but I believe I am making headway. Back as soon as I have an answer.
  5. As an AME contractor, what kind of insurance do I need? Where do I get this insurance?
  6. Worked on them for 2 1/2 years, 5 years ago so some of this info might be old. Canopy is soft around the doors and the fwd lower engine panel watch this area. Belt alignment is critical for wear so stay on top of that. Engine speaks for itself, well versed, had no trouble there. Trany is alright short life but easy to change. All the rest of the components are standard helicopter components.
  7. Go Ebay, you can save up to 50% off snap on prices. You just have to set a price and don't forget to include shipping in that price. Couldn't be better with the american $ at par...
  8. The starter gen support fixure sounds interesting, Care to share the design. Sure would come in handy if it makes the job easier.
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