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  1. You guys are a riot. Why don't you spend your time trying to get a real job with a salary instead of settling for being seasonal workers, you know, like the Mexicans that The Donald likes so much.
  2. And you would probably get away with it too, whereas I operate in a very scrutinized environment. My company, the customer and TC are always watching our every move so we don't get the opportunity to exercise our personal judgement. RD
  3. No fight, just a spirited discussion. I have had a lot of experience with dedicated and Ad Hoc medevac and ambulance flying and I have had a lot of discussions with regulators and customers about what they consider acceptable landing sites for those flights. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that your responsibility as a pilot is the safe operation of your aircraft. Any medical considerations are outside your area of expertise and responsibility. Those are determined by the regulator/customer with regard to their greater responsibility to the general public. Currently I am flying
  4. No case law, just 40years of experience working with regulators and resource companies in many different countries. In the interests of self preservation I learned to look at issues from someone else's perspective.
  5. Oh come on. You're not going to just roll over and quit are you.
  6. Freewheel, You're not getting it. You have to stop thinking like a pilot. The 'Hero Defence' doesn't fly anymore (pun intended). Obviously TC, in their minds, has determined that the danger to the public is not insignificant hence the Cat A requirement. The delay in getting the patent to the hospital is acceptable to them when weighed against the danger to the public. You can argue turbine engine safety stats until the cows come home. They have already done their Risk Assessments and the Cat A requirement is the result. Also if the patient survives his/her injuries a charge of
  7. And this is how that would read at the Tribunal, 'Freewheel did knowingly disregard a TC regulation after make a medical diagnosis that he acknowledges he is not competent to make'. How do you think that will play out? RD
  8. The problem with the 'Necessity' defence is that a pilot is not competent to make a medical decision. RD
  9. If you go in and attempt to land on a Cat A only helipad and ANYTHING happens, the first thing that will happen is the insurance company will abandon you and your company and then in the ensuing litigation YOU will be the first on the list followed by your company. I don't know if you have ever watched a bunch of lawyers tear apart some pilots who were 'just doing the right thing', I have. It wasn't pretty and the pilots looked like fools. In a court case doing the right thing is no defence for 'Endangering the public and breaking TC Regulations'. It ain't right but it is reality.
  10. Instead of relying on opinions and bit s of information try this link. http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/es/forms/hours.php RedDog
  11. You 'do' have have issues with consultants, don't you. RedDog
  12. What are you guys whining about? You don't comply with the regulations now. What difference does it make if they change the limits that you don't follow anyway? RedDog
  13. So what are you saying? If a guy makes a mistake he instantly looses all credibility? Or is it a progressive thing depending on the severity of the mistake? Additionally, I guess that means you have never made any mistakes, or have you? RedDog
  14. Wizard, Forget about the FAA. Most of the countries in the world are members of ICAO. The US of A is not. I have been working internationally for 26 years now and I have yet to see one FAA registered commercial helicopter working outside of the US. There are hundreds of Canadian registered helicopters out there working in just about every third world s**thole there is. If you are really interested in flying IFR and/or Internationally: 1. Get as many hours as you can, as quickly as you can, 2. Get as many Multi-Engine hours as you can, 3. Get as many multi-crew hours as you ca
  15. Hey Deuce! Just finished a test flight and was hanging around waitin' for the Engineeroids to finish up and I thought I'd see if anything new was happenin' here but I see it's still the same old, same old and you're still hanging out with the November Whiskeys? Beware of the Dog!!!
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