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  1. does anyone have any info regarding mass layoffs of pilots and engineers from a large northern operator near great slave lake?
  2. well im not sure where i sit on the union issue but i have worked in the helicopter industry for nearly 25 years and its sad to see that most people in the business i speak to in my travels seem to be unhappy with the current state of the industry's cuts. it seems that the cuts are nearly all directed to the employees. they have cut the wages, cut the per diems, cut the allowable expenses, cut the mins, why, in some cases, even cut the maintenance. its more saddening when we see that the executives have not been cut at all. in fact in many cases their salaries and expense accounts have even increased. as a personal perspective its particularly disheartening when after asking for "just a wee bit more sir" i was informed that i am at the very top of the pay scale. well unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask) ive been at the top of the pay scale since the pay cuts of a couple years ago put me there. yes i did take a pay cut to keep my job. however the cost of eating, travelling to and from work, credit and all other costs of living have increased. seems to me that is a negative overall gain. the "corporation", however, has turned a profit, albeit not as huge a profit as they had in the heyday. hmmmm it appears that the exploration companies, and the oil and gas companies, and most other corporations that use helicopters ( and i agree with a previous post that they do so because they have to) are also turning a healthy profit. hmmmm i guess thats capitalism. the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. i cant help thinking that some sort of association that gets all the workers together would have some kind of bargaining ability. some kind of cohesive organization that does get rid of the undercutting and slashing and giving helicopters away cant hurt. is that a union? i dont know but i look at the other side of the industry ( fixed wing ) and i see that if i had went that route and worked as hard as i did in my career that i would be way better off financially and working less. i might even have a pension coming in the next few years when i retire. what is the difference? im pretty sure they are unionized. is that the reason? i dont know, but im sure it helped. did the airlines die? nope. they still made tons of cash.
  3. holey that was f#$%ing painful the watch. that poor horse got seriously flogged before it got shot. anyway they moved....complied....done deal. everything was just speculation now wasnt it. horrible waste of keyboard time id say
  4. ya his name was adrian erickson. dont know if i spelled it right or not. was a great company before the fat bros got involved and flew it into the ground. #@*& them *%$# hahaha
  5. its true hes gone (mark) and yes they are always looking for drivers
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