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  1. I am not questioning the amounts, being a conversation. That is wide open, and why the government sets rates. This topic is not limited to aviation (pretty small sector), but all aspects of people who "work away from home"! What I am questioning, is the thought process of people expecting their per diem to cover every bit of food (and beer) that they eat, and the cell phone, and on and on. I am not an employer or even a manager. I do agree that there are companies that do not have high enough per diems, or that are not meeting government numbers, but I also questions some peoples co
  2. I thought a per diem was meant to "top up", what you would already be spending at home to eat....because you were away from home, thus not cooking in your kitchen, but rather having to eat at a restaurant. So $20 breakfast, $20 lunch, and $50 dinner....while complaining, kind of sounds like you are expecting the company to be paying for your entire meal while you are working, instead of making up the "difference" of not being at home, or in a normal job where you eat breakfast at home, pack a lunch, and go home for dinner. Am I missing something?
  3. Corrected.... i was referring to the Tilted seat, option.
  4. Question... I was lead to believe, that you have to have the seat forward in the rails (at least half way) to clear the b pillar. If that is true...I'm guessing 75% of the guys I know, could not use it. Maybe that's why they are not popular (waste of money)?
  5. Well said sirlandsalot! The irony is, the guys without the mountain time (course) are typically the ones that don't think it is a big deal. The course should be not called "flying in the mountains" but rather "landing in the mountains"...or "operating a 150' long line at 98% TQ in the mountains ". Flying "through" or "around" the mountains, is not why you need to be humble and really have you Sh*t together. "Working" within the environment, in the changing weather, the and the DA with high winds, is why!! It is NOT comparable to any other environment, so be humble and
  6. According to the official statement!...Hobbs is what goes in your log book and what goes in the journey log. Black and white. If this doesn't agree with you or your company ideas about, fatigue, rest, flight and duty....make it an internal SOP to adjust your "internal" ideas on how to deal with your confusion...but the legal transport rule says Hobbs.
  7. The official statement seems pretty black and white to me ! Log books match Journey log.
  8. What you are flying makes a big difference in the results you achieve. I have a full boogey David Clark with the remote battery pack in my 250, with Oregon aero kit. When I do use it (rarely) I really need to get the ear ups snugged up, to make a good seal. As soon as you put your head out the door (break a seal) the ANR losses its frequency...and struggles to cancel. So...doors and windows closed looking ahead. Astar ,407... Small luxury. Anything 2 bladed....I carry spare batteries, because there is such a difference, it has become a must. Mediums...depends on #of blades, how much tranny noi
  9. I just opened my Vertical 911 that was on my desk. Quick flip through and found.... Aviation Specialties Unlimited - NVG Training, Boise ID Flight Safety International - EC135 Training, Simulator, Dallas TX Metro Aviation - EC135 Training, Simulator, and NVG Training - Shreavport LA If this TWF is not a business/financial decision, then why not use the same training programs the other industry leaders use? Because they are competition? Perhaps. I am not sure how STARS got there program going, or the RCMP, or the other operations using 135's and/or NVG, but I doubt it was going the ch
  10. I think Eurocopter, has a training program, and training pilots, that frequently travel to Ft. Mac for other companies training.
  11. http://www.bladeslapper.com/content/bb/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8790 bladeslapper is the Australian version of vertical.
  12. Not to mention....the alpha is the biggest helmet ever made!! Gallet with the dual visor removed...is about the smallest profile you can get. It would be inches smaller than an alpha. I had a gentex and got rid of that to go to a gallet. NO issues now.
  13. I agree with what you are saying...but disagagree with the situation. The clients are dictating hours, not insurance companies. What is a company supposed to do with a 100 to 1000 hour guy, when they can't work as pilots? That is an industry problem, not a company problem! And company "a" needs to fly for the clients to keep his other Canadian EMPLOYEES working. It is cunundrum for sure! A low time pilot must also take some accountability as well...for engaging a career as tough as this. Survival of the fittest...or smartest, hard working with a long term plan! those are the guys with
  14. I am just tired off hearing high time guys complaining why, they don't have work (that they are accustomed to)!!! They don't have work...because some kid in the oil patch with 1000 hours, has taken his job!... And realistically, those are the foreign pilots that everyone is talking about. I don't know any 1000 hour Canadian pilots that "should" (because they are not rejects, previously discussed!) have a job, that dont! Calling a spade a spade!
  15. Even tho the B ticket welder is qualified to do the job? If the B ticket welder is willing to work for the C rates that's a different issue, however if the position cannot be filled but there is a qualified person to fill the job and money is the issue, That is all I am saying...in respone to Shakey's post about all the "High Time" guys, that he knows about, that do not have jobs. If "welders" were "doctors"...I am sure you would want the government to have a program to look after you and your kids living in Ft. Somewhere....you cant have it both ways!!
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