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  1. Assume level flight with controls "centered for airspeed" (collective stable for constant airspeed, cyclic stable for altitude and pedals centred for yaw (ball centred)). Assume entering a level turn using cyclic only. Lift vector now changes causing helo to descend slightly. Cyclic moved slightly aft to maintain altitude. With increased drag due to the onset of the bank, airspeed decreases decreases slightly. To retain original speed of level flight, collective is increased, causing an increase in torque. Increase in torque causes nose to yaw. Pedal applicat
  2. He's a troll. Joined the Forum on November 17. He's starting to leave other threads on the site.
  3. He's a troll. Joined the Forum on November 17.
  4. NVGs do require proper training, as RDM-1 states. Peripheral vision is constrained to the lateral field of view within the overall reduced field of view of the goggles (hold a toilet paper tube about an inch or so from your eye and that will show how much your field of view can be reduced). This leads to an increased need for constant scanning (head movement far left and far right - ie head on a swivel) as the peripheral vision is significantly reduced. Also your depth of field is affected by the goggles and height above terrain/obstacle judgement is affected in the low level environment - s
  5. Blackmac How do your comments relate to the tragedy involving the Cyclone and the loss of 6 lives? My posts were put forth to inform the community of a military helicopter accident that unfortunately resulted in a tragic loss of life for all souls on board. You then discuss some personal grudge against the military procurement and contracting system - zero value added. GrayHorizons TSB and DFS (Directorate of Flight Safety) are separate entities, both bound by separate and distinct rules and regulations. Detailed TSB reports are for civilian consumption; Detailed DFS reports ar
  6. Really? Without a doubt, probably the most inane armchair quarterbacking I've had the misfortune to read in regards to any military aviation accident in the absence of: CVR data, FDR data, witness statements or preliminary flight safety investigation results. It was always my perception that aviation professionals, civilian and military, assigned human error as the sole cause factor only when all of the facts failed to support any other conclusion.
  7. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/canadian-military-helicopter-missing-1.5550395
  8. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/helicopter-crash-canadian-navy-fredericton-1.5549654
  9. Never assume that the next approach and landing will be identical to the last one to the same LZ.
  10. Check is not done at idle to prevent excessive MR flapping and and MR hub damage.
  11. I understand what you're saying Bif. I guess it boils down to personal discipline...it never fails that the one time you should have, you didn't, and then you pay some kind of price...
  12. In all seriousness, the link I'm providing is dated (1996) but still very relevant for today's helicopter crews. Basically Nomex or Nomex-blend is the current working man affordable gold standard, but layering as Heliian states, is essential to get the maximum benefit of Nomex. But the most important note on layering - natural materials only (cotton, wool, silk) and stay away from man made fibres such as nylon and polyester. The following statement is taken from the link document: Clothing and life support equipment are effective only if worn in the manner for which they are designe
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