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  1. Also guys, to be blunt, it`s not illegal to make money.
  2. actually there is a procedure for those trying to get rid of reading glasses check out iris.com or call them they do have alot of info.
  3. I had a -7 and i was denied my medical,after i made a few phone calls all tc wanted was a letter from the doctor stating that my vision was corrected to 20/20 and my eye health was good,i have since had prk surgey ,prk take a bit longer to heal up but i now have better than 20/20 and all is good on the medical side glenn
  4. I wish i had researched the school i started at a lot more. there were 5 of us in a class room built for that number,by the end of the week there were 9 of us.3 instructors sounded good...the head flight instuctor worked for another company,the second would instruct on his week off from his other job and the third would be scooping any 206 trips possible.Not knowing any of this before signing up . Needless too say there were many morings that there were 9 of us ready to roll and guess what ...no instructors,then around 3pm all **** would break loose and two instructors would show up and be scr
  5. looking into laser eye surgery,called transport canada and they couldn't really give me a straight answer,so i was wondering if any pilots out there have had this procedure done and if they had any issues with their medicals? thanks
  6. i would have to second that!
  7. well so you should chopper9 for all the strip bar touring you do lol :punk:
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