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  1. Happy New Year BR! We use a different company in (I think they are in YYC, but not positive...) for cal., had bad experiences with the C-name. Not sure what we pay though, I route everything to stores, they send it and it comes back. All of ours are done through ICL (International Calibration Laboritories), I can find out contact info if you are curious. I wasn't aware that anyone would bill that much for calibrations, and I agree that is nothing short of ridiculous. Oh and....you have a PM!
  2. Not to mention the parties on res. and beer gardens with live bands (that really made Fridays fun, gardens opened at 11 and we had a spare for 2 hours on Fridays that started at the same time!! Afternoons were usually pretty rough those days.)
  3. I have never removed an airframe bottle to fill, but have charged numerous portables as well as airframe bottles removed from airliners in town overnight for guys on the field. The airframe bottles are filled no differently than the portables, and I do know that WJ has a procedure in place for servicing thier bottles away from base (purge the line, fill to xxxPSI, wait 10 mins., top up to xxxPSI...), the other airlines are just happy to have pressure in there to make thier dispatch. Most portables have instructions on the bottle though, airframe bottles do not with the exception of 1 type of aircraft I have come across where the AMM procedure is to remove the bottle from the airframe and fill on the bench, all nicely laid out in the manual. Memory escapes me though, I can't remember what type of a/c it was. So to answer your question, I have never seen any formal instructions other than the above listed AMM. Out of curiosity, if the aircraft has a recharge system built in why charge the bottle off of the aircraft, company procedure? I know a lot of companies south of the 49th are doing this now, but my employer has yet to bring this into our operation. Honestly I hope they never do.
  4. Stick the fork in it, it's done. This is going nowhere fast and if you folks really get the urge to register just to slander people you may or may not know, go here: n00bz And since this industry is so small, keep in mind that generally what goes around comes around.
  5. To quote from the instructions for use in the AME personal logbook: "Licence applicants will be required to demonstrate experience in a number of different tasks under each applicable ATA chaper. To a limited extent, shortage of tasks in some areas may be compensated for by additional experience in others, but the applicant's overall experience must encompass the entire range of systems, structures, and maintenance activities applicable to the ratings requested." "When certifying the completion of specific tasks, the supervising AME or other individual acceptable to the Minister should ensure that the logbook holder has completed a significant portion of the task, and is competent to: 1)Identify the correct standards (2)Select the proper tools (3)Perform the task correctly without supervision, and (4)Complete the necessary documentation." Welcome to the world of TC Inspectors. Everything is open to that particular inspectors interpretation, and the inspector holds the liability of approving you for your licence. I don't agree with the inspector on the fact that by type certificate you should have experience with every system that COULD be installed simply because you are not dealing with a type rating here, but rather a licence approval for what I am assuming is M1 category. On a similar note, I do know of guys that have spent thier own time in other hangars working with engineers just to get a couple of entries in thier logbooks that thier employer could not provide them with (hot section inspections for example, or in your case, go and fill an oxygen bottle with an engineer's supervision). The second point you make is interesting as well with no requirement for maintenance release due to no flight authority. This could conflict with the requirement for you to be able to complete the necessary documentation, but again this is interpretation. Your licence gives you the right to make a maintenance release within limits (ratings, etc.), so the inspector may see the lack of flight authority as a reason to not allow the log entries. But, the fact is the releases were made, so I would then assume that you had met all 4 of the above points of competency. Now what I would do in your shoes is discuss with the CASI what he would like to see as a minimum in the log to get it through the approval process, and start working at meeting that requirement. I am sure the engineers you work with will be able to help you work towards completing the requirements, but if in your opinion the inspector is being unjust, you do have the right to ask for a second opinion from another inspector. Of course, if the other inspector works in the same office they may have the same ideas...
  6. *sigh* here we go again. :down: In case any members were wondering, moderators CAN tell who you are and CAN tell if you use (or have used in the past) any other names and caused problems 'round these parts before.
  7. I am guessing they got hacked. Instead of thier home page I get this: pc_labs 0wnz you Futuro_Incierto - MaX-S Contacto: [email protected] irc.terra.cl #pc_laboratory
  8. I thought that the training accredation had gone up to 20 months now, came into effect the same time TC stopped administering the technical exams. Overall a big mistake IMO, a lot of apprentices I work with could sure use the technical refresher a couple years after leaving college with some real world experience under thier belts.
  9. Snap-On has a Canadian online catalogue with prices listed. You will have to search the catalogue to find the items that you wish to price out. Click here:Snap-On Canada
  10. One of the busiest threads on the forum lately, and a good chance for all who knew Roy Hiebel to share stories and for his neice to enjoy hearing of his experiences. Direct link to thread:Click Here
  11. The DaVinci Project is the Canadian entry you are thinking of. They are based out of Ontario, and were originally going to launch from Kindersley, SK on Oct.2, but thier insurance and Transport Canada approval expired on Oct.31. They haven't got off the ground yet, and everyone including the town of Kindersley has lost faith in them even though team leader Brian Feeney says they are still going to launch sometime.
  12. Now if only the Canadian government controlled the internet. Welcome to an international community where one countries laws do not dictate rights for everyone online. Now for fun, lets guess where in the United States the server that this forum is hosted on resides!!
  13. I admit, I let that one wear on a bit long but I did have my motives. Sometimes the more somebody is allowed to speak, the more reasons others will soon find to ignore what that person says and what it is that motivates them . On that note folks, since Kyle is absent and my email is no longer registered at this site the easiest way to report any goings-on in the forums rather than click the "report post" button would be to PM either myself or RDM, I no longer recieve anything that is sent when a post is reported as it used to go to my email before I changed ISPs, I no longer have that email address. Now to enjoy the fresh air...
  14. I spent a great deal of time sifting through months of stuff that I missed out on, then traced IPs, and now I have the person in questions ISP (his home ISP in western Canada as well as a "secure" encrypted server that he uses that is in Texas operated by a company based in Minnesota....by the way the money they charge for a subscription is a rip-off. Careful who you do business with online folks ). As far as releasing the usernames that were used by him I do have an issue with simply because only one of them was consistently posing a problem, none of them will be able to post for a few more days, and Bleedvalve will never post again. I will say though that it is not that hard to figure out, all I had to do was verify the usernames via IP to confirm but unfortunately without Kyle around we cannot ban IPs, we must find other ways within the system to deal with them. Many posts from members listing what they thought to be the same person's different user accounts were bang on, but there were a few that were registered and had not even made one post. If you read VERY carefully through this thread, he openly admits who he is. Even if it is unintentional, it is there.
  15. That thing is surprisingly manouverable
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