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  1. I use an i pad mini with a ram mount for the A-star and just put it on my knee like a map with a bell. I dont have wifi on mine, so i picked up a bluetooth external gps antena, i think it was 100$. disadvantage, I cant get wx unless im on wifi, advantage, no monthly data bill. when you get foreflight, if you have an iphone, you can get wx reports on your phone.


    Foreflight is the best nav and flight planning tool i have ever seen. Get it, you will love it

  2. I dont wear a helmet, but i have a senhouser headset with noise reduction and blue tooth. Its awsome, much quieter and I can blue tooth my phone, make calls, answer calls and listen to tunes while customers talk about things Im just not that interested in. If I wore a helmet I would have the electronics installed.


    With foreflight on my phone, i can look up an FBO and with one push of the button call and have them ready.


    PS: Ive had 2 engines go quiet on me, didnt need the sound to tell me. But the ANR in my headset doesnt completely remove the engine, just tones it down.

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    This is what I have a problem with. First post? Magically in line with your argument? I agree with some of what you say, Mr. White, but I think you may have a touch of schizophrenia.

    HAHAHAHA, Ya I think this guy should do it as cheep as posible, who cares about quality!!

  4. I read over my last post and realised it may sound judgemental, I didnt mean it that way. I was only stating the obvious.


    We all make mistakes, i would hate to have had youtube watching mine. I have a fair bit of PIC time now, and wish I had a buck for every time things didnt go as planned. Im not saying things like this are exceptable, but they happen. Power lines or not, it's a blade strike, I KNOW Im not the omly other guy who's had one!


    Learn from the mistakes you live through as you will probably not get to live throgh them twice!


    Live and learn, do it better next time.


    The crew knows better than you what they did wrong, they dont need our help in rubbing it in!



  5. if you look carefully you will see that was a turn around the nose. The mast starts on the left side of the center line and ends on the right side. Not sure why the PIC let it drift toward the only obstruction there, but he did. Precision hovering and tail placement are 2 of the most important skills a working pilot can have. In that video I dont see either one!





  6. I dought that was the stupedist thing I have ever said, why is it no one can take a joke around here. I fly a 47 so I guess i get to pay to fly. Lighten up dude, how the **** would I know what a 44 newscopter pilot would get paid in the US? I would guess kinda like in canada, a little less than a 206, and a lot less than a 212?






  7. The idea that advanced training can be done by an inexperienced pilot, in the worst training machine built, in one of the most challenging areas around is ridiculous. If you want to build your time in a 22 with your experience level, I would suggest somewhere a little more forgiving. I have this vision of the 100 hr guy looking at the 800 hr guy and asking “what happened”, and a blank stare back because the 800 hr guy has no idea!


    There is no hiding my opinion on a training system that includes building time (there are many counties that do it). Somehow you generally don't see that in the Canadian industry. A system that is regurgitated from low time pilot to even lower time pilot can't have the same impact on a student as an old crusty 13,000 hr "BUSH PILOT". When all the lessons the instructing pilot has learned where from a book or an exercise he set up, you can’t get the same result.


    How we move our hands and feet do not make us pilots, no one crashes because they don't know how to input right cyclic, learning how to evaluate a situation effectivly and our decision making process keeps us safe.


    I did my mountain course with John Kennedy at about 3000 hrs, I was shooting a text book approach (at least I thought I was) into a circe. John elbowed me in the side and said, with a chuckle “ you’re about fall out of the sky! I looked down to see 0 A/S and a high rate of decent. He took over and showed me how its done and how to use the AC to remove the strong optical illusion. I will never forget the lessons he taught me because he made them real! I can’t see a 800 hr instructor making me feel the way John did. Humble would be an understatement!


    I'm sure there are some great US pilots out there, but for the most part instructing in the US is done to build hours, therefore few experienced pilots instruct(pride). I have been asked why you can get a training machine so much cheaper south of the boarder. Well the biggest reason would be 10,000 hr pilots don't fly for $20 an hour. Does it not make sense that you would get more out of 10 hrs with a high time guy than 20 hrs with someone who has 800 hrs.


    There is no dought an 800 hr instructor can teach you how to hover, but a high time instructor can show you and explain how to stay away from LTE while hovering at 8,000 ft.


    Caveat emptor, you get what you pay for, if it sound too good to be true it probably is, they all apply to a thread like this one.


    You can blast me all you want, but as I’ve said many times, the only thing worse than not having an opinion, is being too afraid to speak yours!





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