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  1. Condolences to all involved from everyone at Premier. The guys and gals who fly for conair are outstanding, be safe. Cheers to the fallen. rob
  2. Isn't the gross weight something like the R-22
  3. Mountain training with a low time american instructor in Pemberton in an R22? I'm sure everything will be ok! But I guess you get what you pay for! It would apear you are trying to get someone else to pay for your time building, it would only be fair to inform them that no pic time for them. So 175 per hour for instruction from a non instructor who is trying to figure out how to fly in some serious mountains. Good luck with that, and a canadian licenced pilot cant log pic in an N regestered machine. rob
  4. Why do people get the left hand seat, I'd have to asume the fetal poition in order to see the hook. I learned how to use the window because I had a morgage to pay, I don't think my banker buddy (the guy who lets me live in his house as long as I gave him all my money) would have cared if I said it was too hard. Besides I love working in a hoody and a strip of duct tape instead of arctic survival gear! Once you learn to antisipate the load its not that bad. rob
  5. Q: howlong you been flying A: they sent me out today because I need one more hour to get my licence and transport canada is coming out to audit us tomorrow!
  6. Bob, my condolences! To the crew at Aircrane, the family and friends, my condolences! And hoping for a fast recovery for Dave! Rob
  7. The honeywell will out perform the french engine all day, I was on sysmic in pink mountain in a SD1, the machine only had the single point hook so 1660 lbs max. 6 bags at 2000 ft and 6 bags at 7500 ft. no way a Ba would be able to do that. Also the fuel burn is excelent, had the bag runners bitching because they never got a break. The goveners arn't as good as the ariel, but are as responsive as a C20. They do have a tendancy to leak oil, but a good engineer can keep that under control. If you don't keep the bleed band clean, expect to have a compressor stal at some point. I was able to "almost" keep up with a B2 at lower altitude but could out lift one at 7000+ ft. And the best part, the tail boom stays clean, way less carbon than a Ba. If I was running A-Stars, they would all have LTS 101s. Lower cost per hour, better fuel burn, better power High hot and heavy. Throw on a bucket in a DA on a +30 day and there's no need to sinch it up, and no need to spend your day pumpin fuel. You might want to look into a super D2, those things are monster A-Sars, call Mark at Heli-products 604-465-5008, they build top of the line LTS 101 powered A-Stars. rob
  8. Take off downwind + over gross + nowhere to go = death! Sad, these are the type of accidents that are 100% preventable. When will we learn to say NO! rob
  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah that remark was as funny as ####, hahahaha!! :up: rob
  10. I don't even know what to say, wow is all I can think of! rob
  11. With all the coments being made around here lately I am so tempted to make my usal smart [email protected]#$ responce but I realy meant the thank you part so I will hold back. The 206 is a great addition to my teaching tool kit, you should have seen the look in my students eyes when I took 4 of them for a ride and the TQ was at 90% in the hover! I think I sould be able to do full on auto's, although I only do a few thousand a year so I might need some practice. Hey, maybe I should look up a school from down south for some pointers! :up: Damit, I had to say, just can't keep the smartass quiet, sorry! rob
  12. How many sales men do these guys have? Man I'm getting tired of listening to thier [email protected]#$! shuuuuuuuuut uuuuuuuup! ROB
  13. I think most 44 pilots get to fly for free!
  14. Well its official, Premier has a new (it's my first so I get to call it new) Bell 206 B! I'm totally pumped and would like to thank all of the board’s members for the support in helping with Premier's success! Also a special thank you to everyone who had the guts to take a risk with the "NEW" guys (you know who you are). The last 4 years have been a lot of work, but I am so glad to see our industry has recognized the extra effort our students and staff put in! I really could not be happier today! Thanks Rob
  15. I have an old chev PU I'm tryin to get rid of, you interested? It has only 500hrs and I'll let it go cheep, bidding starts at 300 hr!!! Some times I swear I'm the funniest [email protected]#$%^ on the planet! (did you catch the 300 reference) :up: rob
  16. Welcome home NOB! :up: I didn't meat that the way it sounds! rob
  17. I find it interesting that all of the posts recommending Red Eagle come from brand new members, although I also got busted for trying to find out anonyms thoughts on my new school 5 years ago. For Red Eagle I hope the old adage is true,”it doesn't matter what they are saying about you as long as they are talking about you”. rob
  18. I'd like one of those 2! The bow job that is! :up: rob
  19. My turn! If you receive FAA training you still must be recommended by a Canadian licensed instructor before taking the CPLH test. As a few of the "sales men" for this new venture have forgotten to mention, the standard is different. I have worked with FAA trained pilots toward their Canadian license and I can tell you from experience that a 15o hr pilot having been trained by a 500 hr US instructor is at about at the same level as a 50 hr Canadian student. How is it possible for a training program that includes "BUILDING" time be at par? The system used in the US includes getting your instructor rating to BUILD time. A 500hr instructor' training the next 150hr instructor, must lead to a reduction in skill and knowledge. Let’s take Auto's as an example, how can doing power recoveries with a 500 hr instructor and full ons with a 10,000 pilot be anywhere the same thing. Click here Premier Helicopter Training sample video How about Confined Areas, do you really want me to believe a 500 hr Instructor can guide a student through the same decision making progress as a 10,000 Bush pilot, how do you get someone ready for the working Canadian environment when all you have done is circuits and "gravel bar landings"! The average instructor in Canada has thousands of hours fighting fires, helilogging, drill moves, high mountain rescue, ECT. And you want me to believe a guy who has never slept in an Atco trailer can get you ready for this, I call B U L L S H I T!!!!!!! If someone is looking to get a piece of paper saying they are a Licensed pilot, then I would have to say, “head over to see Jim and Jim Bob in Spring bank they will give you what you need to tell the Girls "you am a heli pilot". If you want to be ready to convince some old crusty redneck chief pilot he should trust you with his million dollar machine, his customers, his reputation and his insurance rates I recommend you get a proper training program, designed, maintained and executed by someone who has actually done the job you hope for. There is no easy way to get into this industry, and there shouldn't be. If you can’t do a full on to the spot without any help and have never been pushed to your limit, If you think that the QUALITY of your training doesn't matter then you have no business with peoples’ lives in your hand. You should follow a new career path! I hear all this talk about reducing the accident rates, and also that 80% of accidents are caused by pilot error, yet some think it is wise to get the easiest and cheapest license they can. Accidents are not caused because the pilot didn't know how to move his hands; they are caused by people who make bad decisions. My job as an instructor is not to help someone "BUILD" time; it’s to prepare them for that critical moment when their next decision could have catastrophic results if they are wrong! How can we get them ready for that, because in Canada our instructors have EXPERIANCED that critical moment in the most critical of moments!!! So in closing, if you are looking for a cheap way to get an extra 50 hrs of BUILDING time, then go see Jim Bob, If you are looking to develop a solid bases for a successful career, I suggest you find a school and instructor who know what they are doing, not looking for loop holes to make it easy on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rob
  20. I love the gravel bar part, haha! Not sure how renting a helicopter to "Build" time can be thought of as training. But wouldn't training with a 500 hr instructor on gravel bars be sort of the same thing? rob
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