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  1. i only get depressed when my machine wont start, or if I see an engineer with a hot girl! See how I did that, blamed it all on the maintenance department. rob
  2. As with everything in life,"you get what you pay for"! This sounds very similar to the thread on rates. Someone will always use price to get work. If a lower price is your best selling point, not quality, then I guess you will get all the students who want to learn as little as possible for the lowest price. I think this is why I don't shop at Walmart! Anyone who is seriouse about becoming a WORKING pilot will seek out a school who gives them an education not time in the seat. Canada has a great reputation for helicopter pilots; I believe the best in the world! I don't believe our industry will accept the reduced quality of enter level pilots that a US based system would bring. Being able to do countless circuits at the airport or gross weight approaches to a REAL confined area are two totally different things. Getting a 100 hr kid ready to go to work is hard, how can someone who has never really worked as a bush pilot get you ready to be one? The phrase "Caveat Emptor" has been around since the Roman Empire! In terms of this post it can be interpreted as "you shouldn't buy a pilot’s license from Wal-Mart”! rob
  3. It amazes me that so many young people believe the fastest education is the best, or the school that PUMPS out the most students must give the best education. Why would some one spend 50K and try to learn as little as posible, makes no sence to me! rob
  4. No offence Volition, but I can't see a 150 hr CFI in canada, and when you get a proper education your floor sweepin is kept to a minimum! rob
  5. When I first looked at this I didn't think much of it, so what if they give out US CPHL. But then again all that would be required is a conversion to a Canadian license, and you are ready to fly in Canada. SO there is the problem, I have done a few US to Canadian conversions, in my experience a US licensed pilot with 150hrs is at about the same level as a Canadian trained 50 hr student pilot. I am reminded of one 150hr FAA licensed pilot who couldn't do a confined area that I send my students into solo at 40hrs. The debate between Canadian and American training has been beat to death on here, I think Canadian trained and Canadian experienced heli pilots are the best in the world! But that’s just my opinion. So the only threat to my business with this is the Canadian kids who think they can find an easier way to get ready to work, but then again the students who want the easy way out don't belong at my school anyway. rob
  6. You should have done your training in canada! rob
  7. Congratulations to all that worked to get Cypres Mnt ready! I've watch both the womens and mens moguls, was very impressed at how well the runs held up. rob
  8. That looks like my worst nightmare. My condolences to the family. rob
  9. I heard Vanoc is spending 250,000 a day to haul snow, I only hope most of that is going to the 2 heli companies I know are involved!! This is no different than spending the day bucketing on a fire that has no where to go! It's like an unexpected tax return, free money is always cool. :punk: :punk: :punk: rob
  10. Hey Helilog56 I think plumber just called you ugly! rob
  11. Before bringing the generator on line N1 is set to 70% because the load from the generator could droop N1 below self sustaining rpm. So if you forget to turn on the GEN, land set N1 to 70%, turn on GEN and continue with your day. If you roll the throttle back to detent you will be at aprox 62% and the sudden load because of the weak battery you will have from running boost pumps for that long on the battery could bring the N1 RPM bellow 58% which is the self sustaining rpm for the C20. We don't turn the generator on at 100% because it could sheer the shaft. rob
  12. Just because it was sold doesn't mean things were bad, maybe the offer was just too good to pass up. Everything is for sale, if the price is right! rob
  13. I can't imagine having everything I have worked for going up in flames! Good luck to all involved! rob
  14. So what you're asking is,"does size matter", my girl always tell me it makes a difference! But then again she has a pretty small grose weight! rob
  15. Merry X-mas to all and to all a good night! (I'm kinda drunk so I should go to bed) rob
  16. The dart window is great, but so is the large Eurocopter window. I don't understand what the problem is??? Hello Mr. pilot, this is your helicopter, get used to it , or we can find another pilot who can. I know, it's tough, but just get it done!! Small window, or a big one, just do the best you can! The smaller the window the slower you have to go. But if you look at the first bag runners, guys like Sandy and Parish, throw bags all day long with the "SMALL" window, we got it easy! rob
  17. I believe this is an area that an assosiation like HEPAC could help with! rob
  18. Well said jacdor, I have been trying to decide how to include something to this thread, but alas if I comment with some advice for new pilots all the old guys will jump on me with the whole "well operationally you can’t do it that way" and I'm afraid I don't want to encourage some 200 hr 44 driver to start a spiral climb out of a confined area. But truly the TRICKS we use to get that last little bit of lift are not really tricks. They all have aerodynamic principals behind them. (They have to or they wouldn't work) Being able to take just a little more usually includes patience. With experience we learn the little things, and the little things make a big difference. But I would hope a new pilot would ask questions and evaluate a new technique before trying it. I can't see a chief pilot being happy with, "I saw this guy doing a right pedal turn out of a confined area and it worked for him, sorry about the tailrotor, guess I'm not ready for that yet". rob
  19. Huffy, I agree, and obviosly I don't fly around in a B2 with 2 pax at 60 all day. My comments were meant to exclamate the importance of lowest drag ratio speed when we are heavy on hot day. But I better shut up before I p i s s off some old......... rob
  20. Well old Dog you are right, I am only a lowtimer, don't know any thing, and should learn my place. There is no dought I have had a few black eyes and a couple of bloody lips from talkin when I should have been listening. But you are the one who started talkin s h it, not me. Your comment regarding my low level of experiance was not justified. You posts on this subject have been contradictory. You complain about guys going 40 or less turning down wind, but call me a punk for saying they should go faster, I'm not the smartest guy around(which you so clearly stated) but please explain, is it don't go so slow or go a little faster, I could have it backwards! I'm not sure who you are, but your resume looks impressive, way more numbers than mine! But if you ever want to talk to me like that again please include your PH#, mine is 604-626-2788, give me a call and let me know how you realy feel! Your mouthy comments were not called for!! Hopefully one day we can get together to discuss all those [email protected]#$%^&**(*&^$#@! in your comment. Have a good one, keep your stick on the ice big rig! Oh and by the way, I was trying to make a point, we should teach students to do a recce at 60 so they don't turn down wind at 40 and p i s s off some some old dog later on in life! My post regarding 60 was a responce to a question as to why we should teach climbs and decents at the same speed, 60 is the speed for lowest rate of decent at all times and best rate of climb, lowest rate of decent in auto, simply the lowest power setting for everything! Sorry but I can't change that! A new student has to start somewhere, why not teach them the safety that comes from proper speed control so they dont have to abuse collective power! Oh and one last thing, [email protected]#$ You! Rob
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