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  1. As long as helicopters have been flying people have been getting p i ss ed off at the downwash, until they make a machine that works with magnetic pulse generators people will keep getting hit with down wash. I only think it's a shame she wasn't wearing a long flowing skirt, those are my favorite downwash targets. Come on guys and gals, I can't believe there is anyone alive who didn't think that was f'n super duper hilarious :blur: :prop: rob
  2. Now that is a funny video!!!!! Rob
  3. When things go wrong as you're pickin up a bucket, there's never anywhere to go, glad to hear driver is ok. Must have done it right! :punk: rob
  4. The problem I see is the anonymous names, no one to call you on all the bulls h i t! If you have something to say, why not attach your real name to it. Imagine the difference if on Monday morning you could say "guess what Bob Jones said from ABC helicopters said on vertical"? Na let’s just hide behind our multiple handles and see if a stupid fish bites!!! :jerry: I know, I spell like a pilot. Rob
  5. Congrats on your licence! The way you worded your post i'm guessing they gave you a job? Do they actualy hire all 36 student every year, they must have like 3,000 machines. If not what about the ones they don't hire, I'm guessing they are on thier own. Best of luck on your new career! rob
  6. 2 weeks of mid 30s,I'm with you Bob, hang on it’s gonna explode. I see some squabbling over why fires are burning, if it's good or bad, and whether we should be happy or not when we are paid to work on them. My thoughts are, Fires burn because this is how forests are renewed, the habitat improvement for wildlife, and because nature has a way of killing off the old and unproductive so the new can thrive. When a forest reaches maturity it has deposited a large amount of fuel that is ready to burn, midsummer lightning strikes hit the fuel and the renewal process begins. Pine and spruce cones are covered in sap because they are sealed until fire heats them and they open to release their seeds. The next summer a new forest start growing. This has been the cycle for a very long time. We step in, see a lot of uses for lumber and stop letting it burn, at the same time the environmentalists want to stop logging. The forest is dying because it is supposed to, if we don't clear the land mother nature will, because everything has a life span. The pests will die, the old will turn into fertilizer, and a new healthy forest will grow. So we have to have one or the other, let it burn or find a use for it. The simple fact is it can't stay there forever. We have stopped the natural cycle and everyone has a side to pick, the simple fact of the matter is nature will fix the beetle problem because we didn't act as caretakers and log it all off when it started, but then again if you are on the other side we would have to let it burn, I'm so confused my head hurts. To all crews on fires, remember to be safe, they are only trees and they are designed by nature to burn. The fires we put out save property and live, we are working in a system that the public has voted for, when the public wants us to stop they will vote for someone who says stop. Then we will have to find a new way to get our kicks. Mine would be watching all the forest fires on CNN! Rob
  7. F * * *!!!!!!! I hate this, friends and allies down. My heart goes out to all involved. I feel a heavy weight on my chest, I did not know them but I'm pouring an old single malt and thinking of the families. The price some pay is so great, some how I feel as though they payed the price for me to do what I love. To the families, condolances from every one I know. Be safe all. Rob
  8. I also think this was probably all started with "settling with power'. Uncontrolable decent with full power aplied, but not entering "vortex ring state". Rob
  9. This is what I like to see on this forum, valuable discussion! My heart goes out to the friends and family! There are 3 clear parts to this accident, those stretchy plastic lines, over gross weight, collective bounce. In my opinion the collective bounce would not have happened if not for the weight and the line. Anyone with some time has been over gross; the demands to "geterdone" are real. The pressure to lift a load that a "driller" has decided you can do does not come from them. It's our desire to keep them happy that causes us to exceed limits. There-for the "PRESSURE" to exceed limits is self induced. Once we realize it is the machine that can't do it and not us the pressure subsides. The other guy excuse we use is wrong, it takes someone to say no first, and then it will be easier for the "OTHER GUY" to say no. When making an approach with high all up weight it is important to reduce the last bit of speed gradually, so you have the option of pushing forward if we start to run out of power. That feeling of sinking with full power applied is a scary thing, pushing forward will stop the sink. Aplying hover power before commitment will leave an escape. Note: I was not in the machine so I am only making assumptions on what I have read and having been put in this position too many times. If after you have read the eye witness account of what happened, you decide to push too hard, I hope you remember. We must learn from the misfortune of others as there are way too many unfortunate things coming our way. I know the new lines we see so much of today are so light and easy to pack around but good old steel is the way to go. They don’t break, don't stretch (not much) and are more stable. My preference for sure. I'm still unsure why the load was not dumped, but I have never experienced what he was feeling. I think hellilogs shoulder helps me understand. I have never experienced collective bounce, but can see what a terrifying phenomenon it must be. I will include some discussion on this matter is my commercial ops classes. I'm tempted to go out and play with it, see if I can induce it, but I should probable keep my tail boom attached. I hate commenting on these subjects, a man I have never met lost his life. I mean no disrespect, and again my condolences to all involved. It's too bad we don't have these discussions more often, and it would be preferable to do it sooner rather than later. Rob
  10. I hope Kokanee has thier D2 on this one as it will kick the B2's a s s! :punk: :punk: :punk: 200 gal in bound hot. All day! :punk: :punk: :punk: Rob
  11. Rob is standing by! But if I'm on stand by, I want 4 hr mins.
  12. Hey splitpin stop being such a dick, she was only trying to offer some assistance. And it would seem she knows more on the subject than you anyway. Oh and it would be great if you want to through the " professionals " word around to act like one. :down: Don't let him get ya down birdy, he asked a question in an open forum and you have every right to respond. Rob
  13. yyyeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Happy dude, The IGA torque limit is fully dependant on what you are up to, leavin the airport for a 2 hour flight before landing or sittin at the bottem of a hundred foot vertical. It will usualy take 10% more to go than to come in. ( only a rule of thumb ) rob
  15. When you talk about an off level landings you also must think about weight and balance as this may affect cyclic travel. The limit is in your right hand, this is why and off level should always be an experiment, keeping the option to change your mind if required. Rob
  16. I chose my instructor, not the school, Dick Wood. Thanks, wish you were still around! One of the proudest days of my career was when he stopped by to say hi, and I was shootin Auto's, He said "I was watchin, not bad". There was a time back in my Chinook days when all 4 instructors learned to fly from Dick. Interesting that my log book says PIC - R Wood _____________ Student - R wood, The mountains and 47 were only something I appreciated after I gained some experience. It was so hard to figure out with no INTERNET available. I must have made a thousand phone calls to understand it. I remember asking every instructor I talked to " how many of your students are working" most gave me some Bull Siht number, Dick said " oh some where around 40%" he had my respect for telling the truth. Good Luck Heli-mat! Rob
  17. I'd love to hear the ministers briefing on the subject. rob
  18. The BA and B2 have a recirculation fuel system, so if you have the pumps on the fuel will be in motion, therefor any contaminants will be suspended in the moving fuel. The system will purge with in 30 sec, this is why boost pumps on for 30 sec before start, to remove any air before start. Sump & A/F filter, pumps off. ( its ok for air to be sucked into the filter) The DA and D2 have a closed system like the jet ranger, fuel is not in motion and the system is not self purging, if you create an opening with no pressure fuel will be displaced by air, and air doesn't burn very well. No recirculation so air will not be purged, and head to the injectors. Sump pumps off, filters pumps on. Rob
  19. Vortex ring state is an aerodynamic condition, setteling with power in simply case of physics. Rob
  20. This s h i t is so inappropriate. I'm not shure why some people need to speculate about how people died. :angry: So what, an S-92 was over the north shore with out adequate floats! :down: Ya, sure, what the ****!!! Show some respect, ( there is no happy face for a middle finger! ) Let the TSB do thier work. Rob
  21. The LTS 101, both 600 and 700 series will out work a BA and B2 respectivly, at altitude or on a hot day. When ever you are NG limited with an areal you could pull more with a 101. Don't know much about the FX, but the SOLOY conversion, I have a few thousand hours in both DA & D2's, are great. Call Mark at Heliproducts, he specializes in B2 conversions. Rob
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