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  1. Why would someone want to pay to build time? Rob
  2. Get a proper education, get a job! Just that simple. Rob
  3. Looks like the same old robinson crap, even the factory test pilots don't do full ons, if I ever have to fly one of those things I'll find a new way to make a living. rob
  4. Amen Brotha....F#*$*ng Gaystars I love 350"s but thats funny!!! rob
  5. Hey Bullet, Don't hit send if you were typin and drinkin. rob
  6. Not too long ago everyone was bitchin about all the foriegn pilots, now we are all going to starve to death. This industry has been on a constant cycle since it began. The last few years have been total gravy, a little down turn would do it some good, a correction in the market keeps an economy healthy in the long run. Think of it this way, if a forest doesn't burn it never has a chance to regrow and if you never have a bad day, you wouldn't know what a good one was. Things are fine, a new US government will help. The world is still evolving, and the only constant in life, is change!! Work hard, dont let pride get in your way, and you'll always have work. I remember not too long ago, someone saying, [email protected]#$ the operators, show me the money!!!! I guess you'll have to show them the work first. Rob
  7. Stories, There are lots of them, so much to see out there. We get to see a lot of things, the big fires with 300ft of flame riding across the tree tops. The pod of Baluga wales who come by to investigate after you land. Chase a pissed off Grizly from a sysmic crew. What a way to make a living! :punk: My favorite story was a cook, Fred,in a PUP tent camp on Knee Lake Manitoba. The provincial goverment set us up in 2 man tents, and a canvis kitchen. They didn't want to burn the garbage, nor spend the money to fly it to an island until the Otter flew in with supplies, so the garbage is pilling up behind the kitchen. We come back from a day of soil sampling, and the cook is out in the zodiak, I guessed he was fishing. Go in to the kitchen and breakfast dishes are still on the table. So Fred pulls up on shore by now, and says " there was a bear"! :shock: No Shiit, garbage in the bush and a bear shows up, who would have thunk it. And he was in the boat for 4 hours waiting for us to get back. SO the guys feeding us canned stew every time the bear show up to eat the garbage. Three days of that, and amazingly the bear disapeared. This guy was unstable when he showed up, so now the guys a bit of a mess, he had a TV, VCR and movies delived with the supplies, lost his teeth somewhere is the kitchen for a week, and walked up to me one day and ask if he can come for a ride when I go to refuel, looks me in the eyes and says "I gota get off this rock"! This is a two month contract so in the middle, a pilot engineer comes out to relieve me for a week, the dude running the job says they dont like the guy so he will have to stay at the knee lake lodge. So I'm like "you don't like him so he's at a five star resort eating prime rib with hot showers, but apparently you like me so I can sleep in a pup tent, bath in that cold deep lake and eat Puritan stew from a cook who's teeth fall out and get lost in the kitchen"! When I got back, Fred was gone, made his escape from the ROCK. I got hooked up at the lodge, Prime Rib twice a week, cold beer and a 5 ft blond beaver pilot! I guess it's the extreems that make all fun! Rob
  8. Every time something unusual happens my eyes go direct to rpm. The Rotor runs my pacemaker! That being said, if the nose stayed strait the stove is still on. Signs of an engine failure: Nose goes hard left (or right in an A-Star), oil pressure drops, N1 Drops, N2 drops, TOT drops, engine goes quiet, horn goes off, and rotor RPM drops until you lower the collective. As the dude with the sore neck said, you can feel it. rob
  9. AH!, not all schools are puppy mills, ALL of my graduates are working. Rob
  10. Waa Waa Waa! All I hear on here is guys whining about how some one is taking thier job. :down: If I had to guess, do a better job and no one will take it. I've been around helis for a while, hated by some - liked by most. Actualy most who hate me I used to work for. But you know what, if you work hard, be accountable for your mistakes, take care of your equipment, and keep the customers happy, you will always have a job and make decent money. Did I say, take care of the customers. If the customer is happy and you take care of your machine, this industry is full of oportunities. If you complain and *****, you will find your self searching for a job. Because of what we do and the cost involved, we are always the most expensive contractor on the job. So just getting it done with out being a pain in the *** is what you need to do! It's a hard job, ****, it's suposed to be!!! Given 2 candidates, 1 from CA and 1 from OZZ, at an even standard. I have trouble believing any redneck would choose the later. And I have never meet a " hobby pilot " truely compete with a guy in carharts. It's all about getting it done! I don't mind bragging about my success, "All" of the graduates from Premier Helicopter Training are working, thats because we focus on the job, Not the licence!!! You can't buy it, you have to earn it. Rob
  11. I'm totaly diggin your groove man, surfs up, but don't forget the touch, took, touque, how do you spell it? ya know, the wool thing you wear on your head.... Gus, Go and see as many schools as you can, find the right one for you. Call all the schools you can't go to, and don't buy our salespitch. Make your decisions on facts, not how rad it sounds. Information is the answer, facts are what matter. Research, research, research!!!!!!! And as the man says on TV, save your money! Righteous ride that 47!!!!!!! :punk: :punk: :punk: Rob
  12. 300 is the cab over chainsaw. The G5 did not come out with 206 type skids, thats a later mod you can put on any 47, and I think the G5 is a VO 435. Small cabin so G4A or G5? Rob
  13. A market correction is heathy for any industry. The US banks needed a correction, 40 year morgages, 0 downpayment, so many people living beyond thier means. It had to happen! In the lower mainland housing costs have been climbing out of control, when the average household income can not support the cost of the average house, well you get the picture. Over the past few years our industry has seen unparelled growth. Not enough ames, pilots or machines. Anyone who has been around for a while know it cycles. But there are managers out there that didn't look past the gravey train. Do you know what the payments are on an old 212, let alone an eagle rebuild. If you rely on one sourse of revenue, you better make sure its secure. Bad fire year = no revenue for a company that relies on fire. Small oporators don't always have the ability to diversify, so they will get hit the hardest. When ever there is a large ajustment in the stockmarcket we see a slow down. It wont last forever. The best part of helicopters is they go up and down. Rob
  14. Carefull, it's kinda like crack! Rob
  15. They've had enough to do lately, calling VIH is probably not high on there list. My thoughts go out to all at Prism! I find some of the previous comments a little offensive, considering what everyone at prism has been through lately! Rob
  16. 350 D2 is my all time Favorite, Rob
  17. Over the past week, I, as I am sure all of you, have felt a deep sorrow. There has been so much bad news. It makes me wonder some times why we do what we do. I realize that could be me, and lets face it, it's only a matter of statistics. If you fly long enough, something bad will happen. We accept the risk, both pilot and engineer, but truly why do we do it, because nothing beats building a drill on a mountain top! Doing 2 min turns with a bucket in a 2 million dollar machine. Thats as cool as it gets. I have always said, "it takes 2 of us to make money with a heli, cheers to or maintenance crews. I believe we are blessed with the most professional wrenches in aviation. I am curious to hear from some of you , why and how you accept the risks we live with every day? I'm having a few beers tonight, so cheers to my fallen comrades, and the many who been affected by all this bad news, RIP!!! To all of you, my hopes and prayers to be safe and careful. DW, thank you ! Cheers, Rob
  18. Helilog56, I understand your feelings this morning, this has been an incredibly hard year. As a matter of fact it's extra hard on me this morning. To read the posts as if it were just a news story, some unknown face, some unknown family. We in this industry all know the risks, we accept them. Those risks do seem so much more real when a news story brings up our own memories, the laugh, the stories, the lessons. Overwelming some times, but I guess we can only hold dear the memories. Rob
  19. I personally like em broken in a little, like after 20,000 hrs, you know, all the recurring snags have been addressed. Although my baby gSKY only has 5,000. :punk: :punk: :punk: My all time fav 206 HHB, she had 21,000 hrs and could lift an A-Star load. I would say it's economics, we have a very small clientel and a lot of very experienced people, so more companies. I would love to hear from operates in other countries. How much does a 206 go out for in Europe, in Canadian dollars please. But I gota say, name me another country that has our incredible engineering staff. #1 without a doubt! Rob
  20. nice!!!!!!!!!!! I think we need to make a new ruel. Only videos with an *** like that should be aloude on this forum. :up: :punk: :punk: :punk: Rob
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