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  1. You make some very good points swampy. Two worlds, worlds apart. When was the last time a 300 hr EMS or Law enforcement pilot was left on his own in a camp 100 miles from any support for 42 days. Or an AME who works all night in a mosquito infested swamp to get a machine running by morning! But then again, their world is foreign to me. I've never shot an approach to a highway with wires on both sides in the dark with goggles on! Single engine, 120 ft line, 14 hour days - 8 hour of flying, pump your own fuel, clean your own machine, DI, elementary maintenance, ETC, not to menti
  2. Great job man, not just the recording, but nice flying 3 second full buckets, ya gota lovit when your in the rhythm. Rob
  3. Looks like a great replacement for the 22. Rob
  4. registration with rev can is all that is needed, that is a federal program not provincial so pctia is not involved. Any school that can give recites for tax purposes can help you out. rob
  5. It's way too quiet in here! So I thought I'd spread a rumor I heard. No !@#$, I heard Mr R.D. (412 Driver) was joining the dark side, man I mean the pitch black side. 412, is it true, you may be my next principle inspector? Fill us in. I think your prospective new boss and the rest of us, would be lucky to have you. I love stirring the pot!! Rob
  6. ahhhhhh casey pub, I had one awsome nite when the bar maids kept me around after closing, FSJ ROCKS! Good for you cole, cograts. Rob
  7. Congratulations! :up: Work hard and play safe. Rob
  8. Such a sad day, such a very sad day. To all affected, sincerest condolences from everyone in our hanger. I wish everone at Big horn my best. Rob
  9. Unless it's class F airspace or notamed you are legal at 5 feel over the tailings pond, over the plant they have an argument, a lot of people down there. But how can you fly past and not have a peek, that place is like a special addition of monster machines. My son is a Fire fighter and EMT out there, you should see the trucks he gets to play with. I want to start a new rumor!!! psst Helilog is flying a Robinson, no kidding, a friend of mine was flying out of ft mack and heard him on the radio, Syncrude tower this is r-44 heavy , but with that bad attitude its no wonder he was demoted
  10. I've been helped out by guys many times over the years, and also help any one who needs it. I was on a seismic job years ago with a Peace machine, my refueling pump broke down, they lent me their spare, but said not to tell any one. A few days later their batt died, I gave them a boost. Now each of us could have said !@#$ off, and doubled our flying for a few days, but this is a small world. When you work in the middle of nowhere some times you need a hand. I agree, what comes around goes around. Got a radio call from a competitor once, they had just taken one of our contra
  11. Gftp I was going to say a few words regarding your childish comments, but I think you have already done that for me. Are you actually this immature, or only trying to make a point. I wonder why you feel so bitter, but then again when you speak like a 14 year old it makes sense. The world must all be about you, or it has to be the others fault. But then again when my son was 14 he already knew better. I think Mr Wuthridge and Mr Parish may know a little more about running an aviation company than you, they have both built extremely successfull ones, and am sure Danny did his resear
  12. gftp, Well I guess we are all entitled to our opinion, And I disagree with yours. The guy who runs Baily has always been great to me. I've worked for him twice and was always treated fairly. He does expect allot from his guys, so I guess that might have been the problem for you. I wonder why you can't state any real stories, only school yard name calling. Then hide behind a false identity. If you have something to say, then attach your name to it. :down: Come on, tell us why you are so bitter! Rob
  13. Arctic tent camp Encana siara construction camp The cabin out back at the pink mountain lodge Tommy lakes Marianna lakes BILLINGS MONTANA!!! It's all good, even the worst jobs turn into great stories! All the best camps have everything to do with the type of job, hours of flying, the crew. The job for me is all about the experiences not the comfort. Big fires, seismic at 7000 ft, polar bears, musk ox, drill moving, that 4 ft jack fish in northern Manitoba, panning for gold and finding some, finding ocean fossils at 6000 ft. The list goes on but dam we have
  14. Little Grand rapids, killed 18 mice a day for a month, only 18 because I had 6 traps and set them 3 times a day. Edra tower, mud, bugs, more mud, even more bugs. :down: Then there was this fire camp, 20 min south of ft smith, but AFS thought I should share a dirt floor tent with 10 fire fighters, the boys set up a tripod over the fire with a grill, I stopped for a bottle of water and saw these awesome looking pork chops and a roaring fire. Nice BBQ! Shut down for the night, walked over to the camp and saw a pot of boiling pork sitting on a grill over the open fire, gross, ate 4 s
  15. Hey Cole, No offense taken. Other schools? Premier is not for every one, we expect a lot. Ground training goes a hundred miles past that of all other schools I know of. Ask S>>>>>>T about his recent week of 16 hour days getting paid to overhaul an A-STAR. We require 6 to 8 months for full time training, it takes longer to learn more. Flight training take longer, no wasted time, if we have achieved the goal from the briefing in 0.8 time to go home, no point in flying only to build time, students pay for an education not 100 hrs. As far as the 44 going for $5
  16. If Doug stays they'll keep expanding, if he's gone who knows. Danny Wuthridge is a great guy, I coached his daughter in softball a million years ago, he runs a great show ( north caribou ). Doug and Danny that would be a great team. I can't see Doug retiring, he's got Jet-b in his blood. You can only bow hunt so much. Rob
  17. WOW, I can't believe the things some guys say in order to justify what they got for training. If you had a good instructor they would be a great instructor in a G4, best teaching tool out there. The heli is my teaching tool, the more the machine can do, the more I can teach!!! HA HA HA HA! Facts are facts, I can't change them, if any 22 or 300 trained 100 hr pilot wants to stop by I'll give you a free hour to show me how well you can do a full right pedal to the ground. Or a real auto to a confined area. How about an engine failure from a 30 ft hover. The offer is real. PM
  18. You guys aren't really trying to convince me a 22 @ 800 lbs empty weight is on par with a machine like my 47 G4 which has the power to lift a 22 are ya. come on. Sure you can do an auto in one but nothing close to what we can do in our machine. Pedals to the ground, sure a 300 can, but full rights for an hour straight. Lets look at the #s ---------------------Bell 206----------Bell 47 G4------R44--------Bell 47 G2--------R22 -----------300 CBI Empty Weight......1900 lbs............1900 lbs..........1506 lbs.......1800 lbs..........855 lbs..........1088 lbs Gross Weight..
  19. The machine "is" a Major factor in your training. The helicopter is the tool the instructor uses to teach with. In order to fully understand the requirements and responsibilities of a commercial pilot you need to be in a machine that can simulate it, and in order to be completely proficient at emergencies you should be in a machine that will allow an instructor to let you try. The 47 is tough, so I can let them see the results of there errors. It's one thing to have a student mimic the instructor, its a totally other thing to let the student rotate violently after they do it wrong. How m
  20. There is no best school for everyone, go to as many as possible, find the place you will fit in. Its important you find an instructor you get along with, as you will spend a great deal of time with him or her. The training philosophy of the the schools and programs are not all the same, find the one fits with your goals. Remember it's all about education, not getting 100 hrs in the air, or at least it should be. Good luck with your search, and do your home work. It's too late to change your mind after the 50,000 is spent. Rob
  21. WOW! I have always wondered if a notar or fenestrom woulg give a pilot a false sence of security, I know the TR keeps me in-line. It would be interesting to hear the opinion of some one who flies one. Or for that matter Eurocopter. I would assume an engineer would have some work to do after the snow wash. But hey who am I to say, maybe the way I was shown to land in snow was all wrong Sorry I have to keep this one short but the wife just walked by in something realy small, gata go, I'll make it longer next time. :censored: Rob
  23. One thing I would like to emphasis in my previous post, I do not question Wendel's teaching, All instructors teach with their experience, and that training will be reflected in the tools he uses to achieve the goal. I would like it understood, I like having a contempeary who pushes as I do. KVH has an extremely high reputation, and KVH is Wendel!! Rob
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