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  1. I've been practicing doing the left skid on the ground turn, attitude control is everything. Still working on the rearward climbing spiral, I'll get back to you on that one. That man can all out fly, :punk: Cheers Rob
  2. Cole ad Wendel, I am a very vocal cocky pilot who doesn't take lately to 50 hr guy saying what I do for a living is no problem! To hear Cole comment that it's all so simple makes what we do seem small. A 50 hr kid saying a frozen bucket on a 120 ft line is no problem speaks volumes for his understanding. By the way, what was the head doing in the water, you say the head froze, thats 30' above the bucket. If you can't hold a line within 30 ft what are you doing out by your self with that line. Cole, There have been 3 distinct phases in my career. 1) Just like you, working
  3. The weathers down on the trees this Saturday morning, so I have some time (and a pot of coffee ) to kill. After reading some of the recent posts, and hearing some of my students comment about it, I felt obliged to say my part. As you know, I tend to be a little long winded at times, so if you are in a hurry, maybe you should move on. As I am sure every one knows, I run an FTU, we have been open for 2 years now, and I couldn't be happier with the way things are going. Our second machine just got its company colors, and will be on-line within a month. So far all of our graduates are w
  4. Bleepo, I don't understand the question??????? Rob
  5. Hey Cole, Sounds like things are going well, you have been dreaming about this for so long, you must be flyin even when you're on the ground. You show the same enthusiasm that drives a good instructor, and I hear only good thing about yours. It's the success of the student that makes us do the job. Good luck, go slow and welcome to the club. By the way, I was just voted in as the union leader for the BC region. It was a secret vote so don't ask for details!!! I hope you have budgeted for your dues!!!They are due in an unmarked envelope handed to me discreetly ( cash ), or a couple
  6. Phil's book is mandatory for all of my students. Rob
  7. I'm kinda old so I use a map! My map moves, but only if I maove it around!!!!!! Kids, whatch ya gona do! Rob
  8. Hey Cole, I'm glad to hear everything is going greaat, I hear " wendy " is a great instructor. Be smooth, be carefull, and slow control is where is where it's at. Congrats, you are on your way. Rob
  9. Helilog, I got your back!! :angry: I hate seeing such a nice guy getting so riled up. Hepac is a great organization, and all at PHT support their efforts. How can I help? "AS350" you remind me of the guy who doesn't vote and then ****** about government. If you aren't a member what business of yours is it how they operate. Rob
  10. I'm glad to see this thread, we should always be thinking about our skills!!! So lets think about this one, the engine's only job is to turn the rotor. Lets use my G4 as the example, thats a total of 260 hp when at 100%. For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction, so 130 hp will be acting to rotate the fuselage. ( I can't imagine the rotational power of the 214 Rick had to deal with, experience is worth it's weight in gold. good job man!! Thats why old pilots all have beer guts!! ) When air flows over the horizontal stabilizer and airframe it creates a force. How fas
  11. 875 lbs empty, hahahahahahahahaha lmao. Thats close to the weight of my remote control toy! Oops was that my outside voice. My bad Rob
  12. Nice lid Cole, Good luck with your training. Rob
  13. what exactly did you plan on learning is 3-4 months? good luck! rob
  14. Skidsup, I agree with you completely, in my first season I had a plant operator tell my he would rather fly with a guy who uses 110% as his limit because that guy know the limits of the machine better. But that "pressure" comes from the desire to please others. I've never pursued heli-skiing for that reason. I have told more than a few customers, " you can call my boss but if he finds out one of his pilots lifted that load into here he'll get fired. I can only lift to the red line. I'll pull to 100% if it comes off the ground I'll move it, if it won't, you have to make it lighter or
  15. The pressure felt from a customer or employer is all self induced. If a customer told you to jump off a bridge would you? No you say, then why would you consider flying in an unsafe situation to satisfy them. The pressure you feel is to "satisfy" the customer or employer, so therefor self induced. The pilot is the person who sets up the situation, therefor you have total control. our responsibility is to the license that says we are "pilots" ( note the word pilot, not equipment operator) safety is our number 1 job. If your customer has an emergency, it's theirs not yours. You have one if the h
  16. The private career training institutions act is a law. There have been numerous layers and a few judges involved. The Private career training institution agency has legal authority to lock the doors of any school that does not comply with the act. Rob
  17. We have been dealing with this in BC for years. PCTIA!!!!! 1% of training revenue goes into a fund to protect student tuition. Last time I looked $1.6 million in BC's fund to date. Education is non taxable, so you call it a student completion fund instead. The hard part is having to deal with another regulatory body. Rob
  18. The answer to your question is simple, find a school where they: 1 focus on getting you ready for work. ( the job is so much more than flying ) 2 focus on giving you the tools to get a job. ( hanger, maintenance, etc. ) 3 offer the tools that will allow for work preparation not only licensing. ( an instructor can only teach you what the machine will allow, IE: all emergencies to the ground, solo slinging, altitude landings, etc. ) 4 don't blow smoke up your @## with promises of guaranteed employment. ( instead they offer you the tools to sell your self ) Make sure you
  19. It never seems to matter to me, I just do the best job I can with what they give me. Lighter = slower, heavy = faster. Steel flies better. Moving drills I prefer a non electric hook. I like a 130 ft line, but 100 is fine, trees get tall add another 50. It seems to me after a few hours I get used to the length and speed at which I can fly empty. Lets not forget not everyone takes care of thier ops gear, Kevlar lines break after someone lands on it or spills fuel on it. Electric hooks break when you slam them into trees. Ops gear is expensive, and all you can do is the best you can w
  20. i think we should take away thier digital watches!! And how do you explain " your on my left " doesn't help! I love that line KFC!! I worked a sysmic job years ago, 2 machines, the crew set up this great staging area, both the A-Stars would fit, but too small to lay down a line with the second ship running, so standard for the job was one of us on the radio saying "I'll just circle while you finish your shut down", wish I'd have heard "KFC" before that.
  21. There is so much more to a mountain course then the mountains, advanced confined areas, advanced emergencies ( whens the last time you did a full right pedal to the ground), ETC. I find most mountain course students need emergency procedure training. Full right pedals to the ground are always fun!!! All those power recovery "fake" auto's and pedals are catching up with the boys. I love the rocks, makes everything just that much more fun!!!! No collective means all is in your Right hand! Get it right or fall !!!!! Rob
  22. Cap, The next time you want to PUNCH some one in the mouth make sure of your aim. If you would like to know how different a flight training program can be, call me any time. 1-866-9Bell47 ask for ROB. Your comment was painted with a wide brush. Not all FTU's belong in this category. Some do a better job than others. Some care about the students success. Some schools turn down students who don't have the right attitude. Some of us work our A S S E S off to ensure our students stand out from the rest. Some of us do it because we love it. If a CFI doesn't trust a student enough to sl
  23. KNQ, my first solo, I was glad it had 3 hours of fuel because on the down wind I was tryin to remember how to land Rob
  24. Tender, Get the best education you can, don't listen to the sales pitch, look at the facts. Go to the school that does the most realistic real world training. Rob
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