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  1. Though our meet was brief, it was a pleasure to meet you Elan. Thanks a whole bunch for the t-shirt. Sorry we didn't get to chat Mike other than the hello's when we arrived, please pass on my "hi & hello's" to Linda. Until the next time ....
  2. Thanks for the clarification Twinster .... and Sling, its dram scotchy ... oh you Elvis! betchya still laughing .... just wait til I git myself to the Fort someday !!!! Yikes, I just surfaced for another whiff of air ..... Tata for now .........
  3. ... and so I log on here, for bit of a distraction, had yet another challenging day, puis Zico and Sling with their very eleoquant "quebecois" managed to crack a smile on my face .... been a long time since that happened .... "marci ben !" tank you !!! ... time for a slow dram
  4. Sadly, a bright new star has been added to our skies. Indeed very fitting Bob, Mr Cap is deserving of a thread of his own for sure, in fact he could very well own a section of his own. Most sincerest condolences to Dave's family and friends. Without a doubt, we all share a profound sadness today, not to mention a heck of a pit in our hearts. Kory
  5. Before I get a good b*tch slap upside my head, yes, I know "hypocritical" is written with a "Y" not an "I", a typo is what it was and no edit button to fix it. Interesting Skullcap, I like how you write !
  6. OLD DOG, my dear, au contraire !!! and watch them jowls of yours, not nice, nice nice at all !!! And, assuming it wasn't only about moose meat, ya'd think some would have done something way far before than wait behind some tree for some sorry exaggerated reason to pounce. Human version of poaching? Now now, don't y'all get yur knickers in knots, I'm simply saying that if there was in fact other reasons to dismiss this person, why wait months, maybe years, why renew his contract, why not settle things right away !. Seems so hipocritical and cowardly. School yard girlie squabbles I figure .... that is inane, that is dumber that dog poop, jeez !
  7. Well said Twisted Star. I have friends (heck myself included) that have done things far worse and went unnoticed. People love to speculate, judge .. simpletons we can all be. Stories are taxed, blown right out of proportion, taken to " a beyond return point" and very destructive in the process. I shake my head at how on one one hand, this heli industry is very tight yet no one, no one can eat their young like we do ! Unfortunate this has all become. I remain loyal to my friends regardless, that they known they can count on. Mr Jenner is not a "friend" per say but someone I've had the pleasure to work with and got to know and admire his work and dedication to the industry thru the years. That remains unshaken. Best of luck to him and his wife.
  8. TwistedSpar, I own my own company and work from home, your little comment is not fitting and for the record, looking like to gold to any past employers was never my thing .... you may want to use your edit button .... TQN, you have hit many nails on the head .... wish there were more of your type around! I've always appreciated your inputs ... To others, I agree about the crossing of fine lines, however I still maintain that dismissal using this issue only (if only) is/was harsh. Convicted yes, punished by the courts, yes by means of a heavy fine and whatever else it was. Suspension from his duties, thats even ok (well sort of). Done. How much longer does this need to be dragged on? All the while, the Qb Gov't granted a contract to the accused operator, yep the same convicted company . The contract: moose assessment (something like that, was in the same papers that showed the moose deal). So in light of this, I guess the courts & gov't found it suffice to say that fines and other forms of wrist slapping was enough. Thats all I'm going to say about that .....
  9. Precisely Dewey, my point is that personal issues/views should not be the sole decisive factor and waiting for that opportune excuse to flex a muscle or two or to correct a situation, to me anyways, appears pusillanimous. Then again, not being on the inside or in the know leaves us with our own thoughts which could be either totally off or on. At face value, I am simply thinking/saying that it doesn't seem quite right.
  10. Thanks Helilog, I'm hoping its not just that incident that led to Brian's dismissal, maybe the timing makes it look that way. However we must admit that this incident may have been used as prime opportunity to jump start whatever annoyed those that had certain issues with the man. Funny, I did get some calls after my post to my surprise, heck, I would have felt no different had it been any Tom **** or Harry ... maybe I'm a softy but still I feel that this particular incident deserved some disciplinary action but it was no reason for an outright dismissal. I believe that most if not all of us have crossed lines before and I am quite certain that none got so severely punished if punished at all. There are far worse people in this world of ours that have done despicable and unimaginable things and have gone unpunished or a got mere tap on the wrist. Having said that, I still feel that it may have been a back door way to "clean house" something I personally am not a fan of (back door ways that is). Surely there were opportunities to do so prior. Then again admittingly, what do I know really, I'm just sharing my thoughts from my own "outside" perspective ...
  11. After reading that news yesterday, my first thought, in fact my only thought is that I found it to be a way over exaggerated harsh decision. A fine and suspension in my mind was plenty.
  12. Ahhhhh you fellas are driving me nuts with your stories, wish I were there ... hey give my regards to CTD .....
  13. Nothin I'd love more than to keep our little rebels in line TQN, however .... things tend get a tad backwards ..... oh well gonna be a good girl this year (yawn yawn ...)
  14. Bummer, bummer, bummer ..... first time in 6-7 yrs that I am not going .... would have been great to meet for a bevy or two ..... have a cold one for moi!
  15. Amazing picture CTD ! Interesting info ...
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