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  1. LOL sound like a load of crap to me. :down: Oh, and that "imagine the freedom...." statement they have on the home page is kinda funny
  2. Quick question: Is the 500D a good heli to get your turbine training in? Thanks, NOVA
  3. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the importance of flight sims at schools. Ive noticed that some schools have them and some dont and just want to know if its important the the school has a sim or if its not really a big deal. Thanks, NOVA
  4. NOVA

    Heli Chair

    Wow that thinkg looks sweet. I did my first flight today and the instructor let me try to hover and it didnt look anything like that (ie. completly terrible ) I could really use one of those. :up:
  5. Yeah, I'm suprised too. That could be a very helpful resource for newbies everywhere. Oh well, I guess this works just as well, just takes a bit longer.
  6. Yeah Blue Parrot is still there, though I personally think its kinda.... :down: Anyways I will not be afraid to ask a million questions if I have to. Thanks for your advice guys
  7. Hey transquebecniece, Thanks for the help. I actually went and visited Rotors of the Rockies yesterday and it seemed like a decent school. Im going up with one of the instructors on monday which should be an awesome time. Ive also been checking out Precision Aviation (www.precisionflight.com) and Hillsboro Avition (www.hillsboroaviation.com). If anyone knows anything about these schools it would be great to hear. Thanks, NOVA (Hopefully this question won't have the same effect as the last one )
  8. So I guess this wont work in the states then huh? **** :down:
  9. NOVA

    School Help!

    Well guys, sorry I didnt really mean to start a war with my post. Let me see if I can sum what everyone has been tryoing to say: There are no bad schools, just bad instructors- I need the right attitude if I am ever to get a job in the industry, and go visit the school before I decide to attend it. As for where the hottest women are- I dont really care there are hot women just about everywhere. As for beer I live in colorado and we have the best micros here- That I know for a fact :)
  10. NOVA

    School Help!

    I know this sounds stupid, but im new What is an oil patch?
  11. Ok, So I have been concidering becoming a heli pilot for some time now. I have a passion for flying and am now in the position to act on it. I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations on heli schools in the states (or Canada [are the "FAA" regulations are the same?]). Any advice would be truly appreciated Thanks, NOVA
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