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  1. Has anyone come across a GPS app for iPad that's worth using?.
  2. Thanks Whiskey, by far the most intelligent words I have ever read on this forum, busting a gut.
  3. Did the flight South everything went smooth, thanks for the info. Heading down to pick up the aircraft and fly it back into Canada. What are the requirements here beyond the 2 hour phone call and a customs broker?.
  4. I should clarify I'm a commercial pilot delivering a ship south for maintenance.
  5. Anybody done a flight to the US lately?. I'm headed there soon and want to make a smooth transition through customs, anything other than a flight plan and a heads up to customs on my arrival?.
  6. All great info, thanks, interesting point b2 something I didn't even consider.
  7. I've been investigating the requirements for the use of seat belts for infants. CARs defines infant as anyone under the age of 2 and are not required to be in a seat but can be held on someones lap. Everything I've read seems geared towards commercial airlines, I never saw the word helicopter or rotorcraft anywhere. Have I missed something somewhere? if anyone can shed some additional light it would be appreciated.
  8. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of de-regulation?. I wasn't flying back in the days before and am curious how it worked and if there would be an advantage to returning to those times. Comments from those who have seen both sides would be appreciated.
  9. Considering writing ATPL-H. Any suggestions on who offers best study material
  10. Anyone with some insight on Selkirk/Tangiers? Are they a heli company or just a heli-ski operation?. What are they like to work for?. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hopefuly the only reason you got into aviation wrenching wasn't money. I tend to agree however with the current wages, they don't correctly reflect the effort and sacrifie one gives. You have to look at the larger picture, some companies may not have the highest wage but offer great benefits (medical, dental, rrsp) a variety of work opportunities with a variety of aircraft in diiferent parts of the world and a steady GUARANTEED paycheque twice a month. I've seen people leave only to return a few months later realizing the grass isn't neccessarily greener. At three months you are still prov
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