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  1. Contact me, 10,000 FAA ATPL, Spanish, longline, medium, etc...

  2. Honestly this is still a debate? Touch screens don't work with gloves. Global warming hasn't made canada that warm... That's why pros all use the 296 series.
  3. Jimmy, in a colledge of pilots you'd be head of surgery!
  4. Jimmy, in a colledge of pilots you'd be head of surgery!
  5. I have. in the basket. not really a big deal - they open like lifejackets, not like your car's airbags. usually it's right as they're loading, and the basket's open anyways. if not the basket often rips 'em open anyways. as to in the cabin, they're the same UN number as lifejackets... they're the same co2 charge. but I like 'em outside, the noise of one going off is scary in flight, and they're better stowed in the basket too.
  6. I agree wholeheatedly that the proposed changes will be very detrimental to safety over the long run. Add me to the petition. Thanks, Rob Munro.
  7. I was the Medium driver, it wasn't me offering help - my bucket wouldn't have done much! (though I'd have helped if I could)But I wanted to thank both you guys for your airmanship. It's been a really busy airspace with lots of surprise cessnas in the area, and your professionalism made getting fuel for the next cycle a lot easier. Thanks!
  8. Having been baby-sat by splitty, I'll tell you that there's none better.****, he was doing it when I was in daipers... what are you up to buddy?
  9. The bare minimum looks like it'll be 500 - 'cause fires are low viz ops, and you need 500 PIC for that, and noone's talking about changing that rule. HAC was great!
  10. Nope, a HUET manual - Helicopter Underwater Egress Training manual. I've got all the huey crap I'll ever want... But thanks anyway!
  11. Anyone have a pdf copy of a huet manual they could send me? It'd really help!
  12. I live in Vancouver... and work is 14 hours ahead...
  13. Aerodynamic friction heating is biggest at the tips, and smallest at the root, so even if your tips aren't icing your blade roots may be - and they drive the autorevs... Once picked up ice in light fog (unbelievably quickly), and by the time I landed and started the cooldown the exhaust warmed it enough to start shedding. the resulting little bits of ice hitting things near my parking were like bullets... scared the crap out of my poor wrench.
  14. So, who else is weathered in? I'm at seven days. can you beat that?
  15. you're right about the first 212's being converted 205's - I've flown one of them, and seen another. to make it weirder the last 205's were reconverted 212 hulls.
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